A really shitty week

Nothing earth-shattering or fatal, nothing that involved tragedy or harm.  Just an overall crappy week.  A succession of events that built up into one really shitty week.

I got sick and puked.

then the furnace went out.

Then we had an ice storm.

My car slid down our street into a van, and got totaled.

We have no money.

Another ice storm.

School’s out for three days.

I thought we were getting bonus Friday, but it’s next week.

I have been working on our business taxes all week, which is the most stressful thing for me ever.

Another ice storm is coming tonight.

The fridge is making that noise that means it needs a new motor.

There’s another side to this week, one that’s really not so bad.  Let’s see if I can balance it all out:

I’m not sick anymore.

None of the kids is sick.

Nobody got hurt in the car crash.

The poo in the backyard is all frozen.

We’ll get bonus next week.

We have the fridge under a service agreement so it will only cost $60 when it dies.

I might get a car next week.

We have a shiny new furnace that works really well.

I only have to send off our taxes and I’m done.

We could get our tax refund within two weeks.

We find out the sex of Ryan’s and Michela’s baby tomorrow.

Life is good.  I just need to be reminded, keep chipping away at the giant allegorical piles of shit, and take the occasional xanax.