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Food equals love, again

Ryan’s friend Denys graduated from college today. We’re all so proud of him. I made him a nice dinner of salmon, grilled corn salad and cornbread. And of course, an eclair cake.

Tomorrow is the last day our ED doctor group works with our hospital, so I made enough grilled corn salad to bring in, along with an extra eclair cake.
We’ll miss them so much.

If you think you’ve detected a pattern here, you may be right.


Still not sure about the haircut. It’s a short bob with bangs and layers. It’s pretty enough, but I think I might just want the sides chopped off.

It does look better today since I messed with it, but it has been slept in, so I’ll start all over again tomorrow and see how I feel for sure.


Owen is in love with Ryan.

He spent a good hour or so with him this afternoon. They played some kind of OCD game where Owen runs behind a seated Ryan, whips a couple of balls over his head, then kisses the back of Ryan’s neck twice and runs to get the balls to start it all over again. Ryan was just eating it up. And whenever Ryan got out of the correct position, Owen would yell “Uncle Rynie!”.

That boy has both his uncles wrapped around his bitty fingers.

Also, when Owen was leaving, I asked him “Who loves you?” and he answered “Uncle Rynie!”

Oh, it’s beyond over.


I have a rare weekend off, and we’re not going out of town, so I’m just spending it with my men. Pool, farmers market, football practice. Nothing urgent or intense. Just a lazy summer weekend.

Really looking forward to it.

Maintaining homeostasis

Things seem okay around here.

The Princess and O’Baby are trying to settle into a routine. O’Baby seems a little out of sorts – he’s not napping very well, cries in the evening because he’s so overtired. But he’s okay most of the time. Bubba is really loving having him around again. The Princess is also out of sorts, but seems to be trying very hard to keep Owen close to his daddy.

Bro seems pretty happy. He’s not around that much, but when we do see him, he seems okay. Today he powerwashed the patio. It looks so nice.

Bubba had a good day today. He had a full day with O’Baby and me, got to talk to Bro for a while, went out with Daddy for ice cream. He’s pretty happy.

Hubby and I are keeping watch over everybody, trying to stay in tune to the vibrations and tensions in the house. Tomorrow, we are attending a party for a friend, and we actually got a sitter for Bubba. It’s his friend’s older sister, so he knows her and he seems excited about it. Hubby and I are just excited to get out of the house for a while alone. We’ll see our friends and have a fun relaxing time. I can’t wait.

We’re taking everything day by day, hour by hour. Today was a good day full of many good hours. Hopefully we can keep this going for a while.


I am just so sad for everybody today.

I am sad for Koby and The Princess.
I am sad for O’Baby.
I am sad for Bro and Bubba.
I am sad for Mr Obama – the public disrespect he faces and the ground he seems to be losing on so many fronts.
I am sad for the earth and the millions of people and wildlife affected by the oil spew.
I am sad and disappointed about Al Gore.
I am sad about many things that I can do nothing about.

My reflex reaction to this? Making blueberry muffins with whole grains, hand-picked blueberries, honey and love. Fixing a big dinner of steaks and vegetables for the people I care about.

All things will pass. But today was tough. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

Day is done

5am – My mom gets up and turns on the sun. Gets ready to fly to Chicago to see us.
5:30am – Hubby awakens and watches the Lakers win on recorded TV, listens to music.
7am – Bubba and I are up. We eat breakfast, but Hubby can’t.
8:45am – We drop Bubba off at Maria’s to play with Nick and attend Book Club.
9am – Hubby and I have our med refill checks with our doctor. Hubby’s news is great: he’s lost fifteen pounds and his blood work is ‘superior.’ My news is just okay: I have to exercise more, and there’s nothing I can do about the hot flashes. We are both praised for our lifestyle changes.
10am – Hubby and I arrive at the hospital to checkin for his upper endoscopy.
10:30am – The Princess picks Grandma up at the airport and drives her to our house. They buy donuts.
11:28am – Hubby is wheeled back into the procedure room. I visit with my coworkers in ER, make calls, read a book on my nook.
11:57am – Hubby is wheeled back in to the room. His throat has been stretched, but he’s looking good. He doesn’t have to be checked again for three years. They use a different form of sedation this time, so he’s less groggy and recovers more quickly.
12:15pm – We stop on the way home to pickup up Burger King and Bubba.
1pm – Hubby takes a nap. Bubba, Grandma and I head to the store to shop for O’Baby’s birthday presents. Then we decorate the house with wild abandon and lots of streamers. The bird is mildly freaked out by the birthday hat on top of her cage.
4:30pm – The Princess, O’Baby, Dani, Miles, and Koby arrive. The girls help make vegetables while I grill. Bubba and Grandma play with the babies. Hubby rests.
5:45pm – We eat salmon and turkey tenderloin mignons. My table is filled with people I love. Bro has to work and we all miss him.
6:15pm – The babies play on the deck with the hose and buckets. Grandma and I get soaked to the skin while the twenty-somethings watch and laugh inside.
7pm – CAKE!!! Everybody loves cake.
8pm – O’Baby opens the last of his presents and the kids go home. The house is suddenly quiet.
9:30pm – Bubba goes to bed.
9:45pm – Grandma goes to bed.
10pm – Hubby goes to bed.
I am up. The house is quiet. I read some magazines, write a blog entry, read my nook book, and secretly eat forbidden chocolate chip cookies.

Tomorrow — O’Baby’s party at the park, which will include many many people from all sides of the family, friends and innumerable babies. The forecast: 94, sunny, humid with possible storms.

Hmmm…brainstorming alternate plans. Sleep will come eventually.
Glad this day is done.