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Fun day

I told Bill I was making butternut squash with bacon pasta for dinner tonight. He took us out to dinner.

We went to a teppanyaki bar, where the Japanese chef did wonderful tricks with food and flame, then threw shrimp at our faces. Bill caught his, I didn’t catch mine, and Decky caught two out of three. We had a great time – Decky was especially happy and impressed – he even ate some salad and veggies!

We came home and watched one of my favorite movies, “About a Boy.” I have resurrected my crush on Hugh Grant.


Earlier today, I did tons of Christmas shopping online. I got so much done and got some really great deals. I’m psyched!

I talked to my dad and got some good ideas. During our conversation, he told me that he’s been going on three-mile walks many times a week. I am so proud of him! I told him that he exercises more than I do right now and he didn’t believe me. He has inspired me to get back to the gym. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the elliptical at the workout place. It can only do good things for me.

It seems that when I finally get back in the gym, I suddenly remember how good exercise makes me feel. And then I kick myself that I didn’t do it sooner. Duh.

Thanks, Dad.


Tomorrow, I intend to clean the upstairs, including the band room and Decky’s room. After my workout. Two punishments? Or a treat and a punishment? I’ll let you know.


I can’t wait to get to Chicago!

My men

I have such a good time with Bill and Decky. On the weekends, we try to do some fun stuff, stay active.

Today we golfed a nine-hole, par three course. It’s just the right skill level, the right-sized holes, the right length for us. Well, at least for me and Decky. Bill is patient with us. We each got off a few really good shots and putts, we got some exercise, and we were outside enjoying the fall weather. It was a winner on many levels.

After that, we went out to lunch at Arby’s, then Decky tore up the tomato plants and burned leaves with a magnifying glass on the driveway. I did laundry and cleaned, Bill was on the computer.

I took Decky to basketball practice, which was a terrific workout for him, got to chat with a friend and a read a book, while Bill took a nap. When we got home, I made a nice dinner while Bill vacuumed and Decky rested.

Owen and Koby came over for dinner, which consisted of pork roast, pureed cauliflower and some green beans. We tried to cover the cauliflower with gravy and call it mashed potatoes, but Decky wasn’t having any of that.

Koby left after dinner to take Cait out for a nice date, and we got to keep Owen. We had a nice evening of play, drumming and ice cream. The boys and Ruthie are now in Decky’s bed, sleeping. Owen is taking up half of Decky’s pillow, because he won’t use his own. He just wants to be close to him, so Decky is hugging the far edge of the bed while the other half lies vacant. Thank goodness he has an extra hour to sleep tomorrow, because I think he’s in for a restless night.

Ryan just got home after working a nine-hour day at the restaurant. He’s pooped. He misses Decky and Decky misses him very much. Decky looks so forward to Monday and Tuesday because those are the days Ryan has off. They really love each other a lot. It’s wonderful to see.

I am so lucky to have such sweet, funny, loving men in my life. I really am.

Halloween recap

Yesterday was so much fun! And so busy! Just the way I like it.

We spent most of the day cleaning and cooking. I vacuumed and washed the floors while Bill shampooed the rugs. When the house was clean, I started in the kitchen. I made a big pot of chili, some baked acorn squash, quesadillas, cornbread, and pumpkin yumpkin muffins. We used the bench for extra seating at the kitchen table so we could seat everyone.

Caitlyn, Koby, Owen, Dani, Tommy and Miles came over for dinner. Afterward, we all drove over to Nick’s house, so we could trick-or-treat in his neighborhood with him and his mom and brother. Ryan came home just in time to join us.

Miles and Owen did such a wonderful job going house to house! Owen was running, saying, “Run!” They both did their best at saying ‘Trick-or-Treat’ and ‘Thank you.’ Decky and Nick did too.

We all went back to our house for some pud-pud and ice cream, then the adults enjoyed some wine. The babies and their parents went home, and Bill and I took Decky and Nick out for another round of trick-or-treating. They each had quite a haul!

After driving Nick home, and avoiding the crazy neighbors’ party on the driveway next door, Bill, Decky and I relaxed and regrouped.

I finished up the cleaning this morning, then spent the day doing nonproductive things with Owen and Caitlyn. We shopped for new gym shoes and boots, and hand cream and soaps. We had a fun lunch at a new restaurant, then I went to their house to meet their new kitten Bean. Sweet little thing – lets Owen pick him up and carry him wherever he wants.

I think the three of us missed our occasional fun days out. Too much work and travel lately I guess.

After a dinner of leftovers, I took Declan to basketball practice. He is tired and kinda cranky, but he’ll feel better once he’s in bed for the night with his dog.

Work a half day tomorrow, vote, early dismissal for Decky. Pretty quiet, just right after our weekend trip and Halloween.

Well worth it

Yesterday Bill, Decky and I drove up to Dubuque IA for a delayed birthday weekend celebration. The alpine slides were closed, so Bill and I put a lot of effort into finding a lot of fun family activities.

After we arrived, we went straight to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. There were so many wonderful educational exhibits and lots of things for kids to do and see. I recommend a visit there to everyone.

Then we went out to a dinner of pizza and beer. Bill headed out to the dog track, so Decky and I hit the pool and hot tub and watched a movie in the room before bed.

Today, we bowled two games before we went on a two-hour Mississippi River cruise, complete with hot lunch. It was fun and informative. We even saw a few eagles and went up to the bridge to talk with the pilot.

After that, we played nine holes on a par-3 course in East Dubuque. We had so much fun! We walked the course, which was beautiful and hilly. Bill went easy on us beginners, and we each had a couple of good shots. It was something we want to repeat – soon and often.

We went back to the room for a short time to rest up. Bill took a shuttle to the dog track, so Decky and I headed over to Galena IL. We walked the main street for a little bit, looking at the shops. Decky found a couple of yoyos at an old-fashioned toy store, then we had dinner at a great Italian place called Vinny Vanucci’s. To get there, you have to climb fifty steps (we counted). Decky had the chicken parmagiana and I had the best wild mushroom soup I’ve ever had, along with pumpkin ravioli in sage butter. We bought some assorted candies in the old-fashioned candy store, then headed over to the levee on the Galena River. There were two balloons being inflated for a Halloween Balloon Glow, but only one filled successfully. It was a lot of fun to watch, and a lot of fun to walk around this beautiful town in the dark. It was even prettier than it was in the daylight. And we saw the stars come out.

After all that walking, Decky and I were pretty pooped. We headed back to the room, where we sampled some of the candy we bought, watched a little TV, did a little reading, and he went to bed. I get to stay up a little bit to write and read some more, but I don’t think I’ll be up much longer.

It was a full, wonderful day. Although every single thing we did was great, the best part came when we were getting ready for bed. As we reviewed our super day, Decky said to me, “You know, if I don’t get some family time every day, it kinda feels like there’s a hole in my heart.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Tomorrow’s my Friday. Kinda.

Tomorrow is almost my Friday. I work 7a-7p, then I’m off for a while. But Wednesday I watch Owen, then Thursday Bill, Decky and I take off for Galena for Decky’s birthday trip.

We were disappointed to hear that the alpine slide was closed for the season but we have an eventful, fun weekend getaway planned.
Thursday, the six-hour drive, then the Mississippi River Museum, dinner and a movie or swimming at the hotel pool.
Friday, the skateboard park, a two-hour lunch eco-cruise on the Mississippi River, nine holes of golf, dinner, then trick-or-treating at a balloon glow on the Galena riverfront for Decky and me while Bill goes to the dog track.
Saturday, a three-mile hike along the Mississippi, then lunch and home.
Sunday, of course, is Halloween. Decky has been asked to go trick-or-treating by a few kids, including Nick, Owen and Miles. It should be a good time.

Luckily, I don’t have to work more than a few hours until next Thursday. I think I’m gonna need some recovery time after all that.