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Today Decky turns nine.

That boy is the best thing that ever happened to this family (so is Owen, of course). He is so loved and valued. He has always been treated as the best boy in the world, because he is.

He is kind to others, keeps peace on the playground, sets an example for his friends, is a born leader, is charming and polite to adults, is smarter than his parents, is brave but cautious, lets the small things go, knows how to behave, takes shots like a pro, has a quirky and wonderful sense of humor, shows love to the people who are special to him, plays drums very well, has a very neat printing hand, watches out for the little ones, and is kind to animals.

People genuinely like this kid. He is magnetic and charismatic. Kids just want to be around him, and their parents are happy about it because they like him too.

We are so lucky to have this boy in our lives. He is everything wonderful a son, brother, boy uncle should be.

Thanks for letting us hang out with you, Decky. Happy birthday, sweet boy.

The golden child

Decky went back to school – the first time since his injury Friday.

Everybody was asking him questions, checking him out. He was the center of attention everywhere he went. At recess, the first thing he did was check out the pole he hit, to see if it had a dent. (It didn’t.) His teacher stated that he was wonderful at self-monitoring his activity.

The thing I had been most concerned about this school year was that he would get stuck with just a middle-of-the-road teacher. We were spoiled last year by the amazing Ms Gonsher, who loved Decky with a mighty love, and still does. (She came over Friday after school with a gift and a hug.) She sparked his creativity and nurtured his individuality and treated him like the golden child.

His teacher this year is just an average teacher. She gets the job done, makes sure the kids follow her rules and finish their worksheets and that’s about it.

Until Friday. She was the teacher on duty during recess when he got hurt. She walked him to the nurse’s office. She rode with him in the ambulance to me.

She has told me, and written to me multiple times how amazingly brave and strong my boy is. She complimented me on raising such a ‘remarkably well-adjusted and flexible young man.’

I’m hoping this will turn on the light in her brain, that she will recognize what we all already know: Decky is an amazing, very special individual who we are all lucky to know and love. And that he deserves to be treated as such.

All of his past teachers and counselors know it. We know it. You know it. Hopefully, now she will know it. Hopefully, all it will take is a bump on the head.

Status update

Decky is doing fine. His lump doesn’t stick out quite as far today, but has widened and makes him look like an Avatar person, only not blue.
So far only a tiny bit of bruising. We owe that to the vigilant ice application yesterday. Today he didn’t have it on as often, but still did well with it.
Now he walks around saying: Don’t yell at me, I’ve got a lump on my head. Or: But I need a snack, I have a lump on my head.
Very funny.

We went to a lovely wedding for a friend at work today. Small, intimate, casual and fun. Would rather have been at a raucous Chicago family wedding, but it’s just too hard to keep going back and forth so often. We’ll see everyone at Thanksgiving.

Wore makeup today. Rare occasion for me. Noted how the skin on my eyes is so much thinner and wrinklier lately. Yuck. I can almost see why women get their eyelids lifted. Not for me, but still.

Cait and Koby took the twin bed out of the ‘Band Room.’ He’s sleeping on it right now at his house. They also took the bed rails, so he should be just fine. I’ll look forward to hearing about his night.

Looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. Thinking of making soup for the chilly day.


The call came at work: This is Declan’s school. He had an accident on the playground. He is conscious…

That’s all I heard.

Then: We already called 911…

I told them: Send him to me.

I work at a local ED. When the EMS guys called report, I took it. I told them the usual: We’ll see you when you get here. Room assignment upon arrival.
And I added: Tell Decky his momma is waiting for him.

His teacher rode with him in the ambulance. She approached me as I semi-ran to his room, saying: He’s imitating a klingon.
I cut her off with a terse: No joking.

I had to lay eyes on my boy.

He had a huge hematoma between his eyes. A double-golf-ball-sized lump smack in the middle of his face that made his eyes look a lot further apart than they are. I gave him the most thorough assessment I have ever given a patient.

He was fine. His usual goofy self.

He got up and twirled around when the doctor asked him to stand up and walk. He worried he wouldn’t know the cartoon channels since the cable was different from ours. He was polite and sweet to everyone. He was okay. Bill left work early to come take him home and took care of him until I was done with my shift. He bought Decky Dairy Queen and iced my poor baby’s face.

He had run at full speed into the fireman’s pole on the playground at recess. He didn’t lose consciousness, although he did have to sit on the way to the nurse’s office. He complained of dizziness that resolved fairly quickly.

All the kids on the playground knew what had happened. Everyone stayed in their classrooms until the ambulance was gone. The principal sent out a mass email about the ambulance (no details).

I got about five or six calls from friends, parents and teachers at work or on my cell. My facebook page is full of inquiries, and so is my email. Decky’s former teacher came to the house and delivered a gift! Another friend brought home his backpack. Bill said the phone had been ringing off the hook all evening. My wonderful coworkers took all my patients until we knew that Decky was okay. A parent of one of Decky’s school friends who brought her other child to the ED asked about Decky before I could even assess her daughter. People want to come over, bring stuff, do things for us.

People love Decky. He is as wonderful a boy as we’ve always believed he was. He is loving, kind, smart, funny, charismatic. People want to be around him. He is fair to others and slow to anger. We’ve always known this, but we weren’t aware that others saw it too.

The school he attends has become like a family to us. Ever since he stepped foot in the building years ago, the people there have shown him (and us) nothing but love. They always have his back. They have looked out for him when I couldn’t. They love him and watch out for him.

So as dreadful and scary as this event was, it has shown us that people are good. People love Decky. And the universe indeed wants him to succeed.
We are so so lucky.

My boy is home!

Oh how I missed my Ryan! I rushed straight home from work to see him and kiss him and hug him. My boy.

He may be six-foot-three and have a small amount of facial hair, but he’s still my baby. And his baby brother was sooooo happy to see him too. What a joy it is to see them together.

Thank you Dad for bringing my boy home. I’m glad you’re here!
It’s gonna be a fun week!