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The best-laid plans

So yeah. I knew my list for this weekend’s activities would not be the definitive format, but really?

I saw Ryan yesterday in my ED. He called and said, “Where are you?” Work. “Okay, I’m coming in.” Why? “I’m gushing.”

He had cut his thumb. With a butter knife. In the time-honored Dooley tradition of self-maiming with a dull utensil. It was ugly. He received twelve or more sutures to a large v-shaped incision that ran from above the knuckle of his thumb to near its base. He also received a tetanus shot and a tube gauze dressing.

He has to work today. Ugh.

Other than that, the rest of my hopeful schedule is still kinda on. Decky has a flag football at 11am, Dani should be coming over this afternoon to give us all haircuts. Hopefully Ryan, Cait, Koby and Owen will come, and Tommy and Miles, too. Bean soup (two versions – vegetarian and hamful) is on the stove. Maybe we’ll hit the driving range.

I hope we can have a Fire Night. I better pick up marshmallows and firewood just in case.


Today will be cloudy and on-and-off drizzly and cool.

Decky and I were able to walk to school, and it only rained a teeny bit on my way back, so I’m happy we were able to fit that in. We both really enjoy our walks now. Whenever we can, we walk to or from school, or both. It’s 1.3 miles each way. Decky’s getting to be really fast. He can keep up with me, even on the hills. He actually runs halfway home, up and down the hills, and he does it more often lately. When I’m able to drop him off in the morning, then pick him up after school, I end up getting 5.2 miles. Not bad!

Now I’m home with Owen. After we make pumpkin-yumkin muffins, we will make chocolate chip cookies. I love it when he wears a dishtowel as an apron – he’s so cute!

While I clean up the kitchen, Owen is playing with 15-bean mix, scooping and measuring with assorted spoons and pots and bowls.

The windows are open. A cool breeze stirs the air. Classic rock on the radio, aprons donned. The smell of muffins and cookies fills the house. I wonder if the neighbors can smell it too?

They should totally envy me this day.

Hard and easy

Yesterday and today were like black and white, day and night.

Yesterday: I worked over twelve hours. We were short a nurse all day. We had the slowest doctor in the world. We got slammed. We had a patient crash just before the end of the shift. I came home exhausted, dirty, emotionally drained, and badly in need of a shower. Home was like heaven to me.

Today: I made Decky breakfast and got him off to school. I went to walmart. Owen came over. We vacuumed and played and had snacks. We made his lunch and put it in his lunchbox. We ate lunch out of the lunchbox, just like Decky does. Then we changed into workout clothes and went to gym class. Owen ran and jumped and climbed and swung and crawled and balanced. We took a nap. Cait picked up Owen, Ryan went to work, I picked Decky up from school. I cleaned the birdcage, finished vacuuming, made dinner. Took Decky to and from a great drum lesson. Had a nice dinner with Bill and Decky. They went out for DQ. We are now just relaxing.

Night and day, Yesterday was so hard. Today was so easy. Now I don’t have to work until Tuesday, and only for a short shift. I’m going to start getting my holiday stuff done during my time off: shopping, cleaning, baking, decorating.

It’ll be easy.

Halloween recap

Yesterday was so much fun! And so busy! Just the way I like it.

We spent most of the day cleaning and cooking. I vacuumed and washed the floors while Bill shampooed the rugs. When the house was clean, I started in the kitchen. I made a big pot of chili, some baked acorn squash, quesadillas, cornbread, and pumpkin yumpkin muffins. We used the bench for extra seating at the kitchen table so we could seat everyone.

Caitlyn, Koby, Owen, Dani, Tommy and Miles came over for dinner. Afterward, we all drove over to Nick’s house, so we could trick-or-treat in his neighborhood with him and his mom and brother. Ryan came home just in time to join us.

Miles and Owen did such a wonderful job going house to house! Owen was running, saying, “Run!” They both did their best at saying ‘Trick-or-Treat’ and ‘Thank you.’ Decky and Nick did too.

We all went back to our house for some pud-pud and ice cream, then the adults enjoyed some wine. The babies and their parents went home, and Bill and I took Decky and Nick out for another round of trick-or-treating. They each had quite a haul!

After driving Nick home, and avoiding the crazy neighbors’ party on the driveway next door, Bill, Decky and I relaxed and regrouped.

I finished up the cleaning this morning, then spent the day doing nonproductive things with Owen and Caitlyn. We shopped for new gym shoes and boots, and hand cream and soaps. We had a fun lunch at a new restaurant, then I went to their house to meet their new kitten Bean. Sweet little thing – lets Owen pick him up and carry him wherever he wants.

I think the three of us missed our occasional fun days out. Too much work and travel lately I guess.

After a dinner of leftovers, I took Declan to basketball practice. He is tired and kinda cranky, but he’ll feel better once he’s in bed for the night with his dog.

Work a half day tomorrow, vote, early dismissal for Decky. Pretty quiet, just right after our weekend trip and Halloween.

The price of beauty

The painters have finished the living room and eating room. The ceiling fan has been installed. I vacuumed with a vengeance and moved all the furniture back into the living room. Even rearranged it all.

And while the guys were in and out of my house all day, and the dogs were corraled in the basement, and I was watching Owen all day, I cleaned the basement, then made an exceptional Columbian chicken stew from scratch.

Is it any wonder I’m beat?

Tomorrow I work eight hours, during which the Baldrige Award inspectors will be in the hospital. I’ll have to be on my toes. In the evening, Decky will be performing at the third-grade musical. His principal frowns on anything more exuberant than ten polite claps in a row, so guess who will be whooping and hollering and whistling?

Ah, you know me too well.

Wednesday, Cait and I plan on redecorating the living room, and decorating for fall. We’re both so excited.

Right now, all I want to do is put my feet up and crack a book. After I make my lunch and Decky’s lunch for tomorrow, and take the garbage and recycling out.

No rest for the weary.