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Changing colors

You now we got the outside of our house painted last week. It is beautiful – neutral, but beautiful. So clean and fresh. Owen and I put a bunch of gourds and pumpkins and mums out in front and it really looks sweet. It’s a pleasure to come home to.

Today the painters did the first coat on our living and eating rooms. It’s a deep bronze color – a greenish-brown that’s kind of gold. I didn’t know what to expect when I got home from work.

It is stunning.

It’s a far cry from the builder’s beige that we held onto for so long. It looks warm and cozy, even though the ceilings are two stories high. The windows are trimmed in white and really pop. The contrast is striking. Cait loves it as much as I do, and even Bill is happy about it.

I can’t wait until they finish up either tomorrow or Monday. The new ceiling fan will be installed Monday, and then we can put all the furniture back. We’ll have to reevaluate what prints and decor we put back up. We may even have to get some new stuff. And we can put up our fall decorations!

I’m so excited! This is the best this house has ever looked! It took nine long years, but we’re finally making it our own. I just got so sick of waiting to relocate again, I figured it was about time.

I’m so happy with the job the painters did, I’m going to have them strip the master bedroom and master bath of wallpaper, and then repaint them.

We’re planning a holiday party here I think December 4th. It’s going to be so beautiful by then!

The usual barely-controlled frenzy

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Owen comes over at 7:15 for the day. After I feed him and Decky, we’ll drive Decky to school and come right home.
Since the painters are coming over, Owen and I will be moving furniture and taking down pictures, etc. And since I can’t stand the purple sample paint Jorge brought over, I’ll have to see if he can match the bronze paint in the hallway, even though we have none left over.

Then I will have to figure out how to occupy Owen until 2pm, while the painters take over the living and eating rooms on a day where the temperature will reach 88.

Oh – and the guys are supposed to install the fan in the living room tomorrow too.
And Decky has drum lesson.
And I have to learn to program the sprinkler so all the new grass seed won’t die.
And I have to call animal control again, since they never returned my call from Thursday.
And I need to do a self-study packet on ketamine for conscious sedation.
And I’d kinda like some time to myself.

Ugh. You call this a day off?


Owen slept over last night because Cait was supposed to work at 7am today.
Although he started out on a crib mattress on the floor, by 2am he was in bed with us. He kicked and patted and smushed up against me. I was blanketless and cold and cramped from staying in one position too long.

But it was fun. The boys had breakfast together, we took Decky to school, we went to wallymart, we did chores. It was a fun morning. He’s my buddy.

After he went home, I took a killer walk before I picked up Decky from school. I ended up doing 5.3 miles total, and my legs are tired.
And I’m tired.

But I feel good. Tomorrow I work all day, so I’m heading to bed early – without the baby. I can’t wait.


The painters finished the stucco, and are working on the trim now. It’s looking good and I can’t wait until it’s done. Then they can work on the inside of the house!

Yet another wonderful day

This afternoon, Koby, Ryan, Decky, Owen and Caitlyn were on the driveway, skateboarding, playing basketball, riding scooters and bikes and trikes, and just generally goofing around. Dad and I watched from the stoop.

Decky couldn’t tear himself away from the fun for dinner, so I gave him a bowl of pasta on the front step. Owen mooched off of him while they watched the men and woman attempt crazy basketball shots. We clapped and cheered, the boys ate on the run. Eventually, each person brought a bowl of pasta outside, so the fun wouldn’t end.

Owen helped me pick tomatoes while Koby and Ryan worked on Ryan’s car.

It was fun and relaxing and the weather was great. After dinner, Koby ‘checked out’ the drum set to make sure it was working okay, then Owen helped him test it out. Bill and Decky went to football practice. The rest of us visited with Dad, then we watched the Bears game.

Tomorrow Dad goes home to Chicago. The furnace guy and the internet guy are coming out to fix things. The painters will hopefully start actually painting the house’s exterior. Decky gets out of school early and has a playdate at the skate park. I might go out to dinner with the girls. The Biggest Loser is on.

Life goes on. But it’s a good one.

Lovely day

We got up slowly today after such a busy Saturday. Kinda just hung around the house most of the beautiful day.

This afternoon Decky, Punka and I walked to the playground and back. We watched Decky traverse the playset without touching the ground, and listened to him talk while he explored the creek. And we tracked the walk with my GPS, which confirmed Dad’s pedometer’s accuracy.

After that, we immediately set off for the apple orchard, where we met Caitlyn, Koby and Owen. The boys chased chickens and picked a lot of apples. What is it about boys and chickens? And by boys, I mean Koby too. They were all so goofy. We had a good time.

Then we came home to Pork Tenderloin a la Punka in the crockpot. I made some butternut squash and broccoli to go with it, and we all ate like horses. Horses who had just chased a bunch of chickens.

Dad and Bill talked Koby into joining them at the casino, so Cait and I took the boys out to DQ for ice cream. After a little cartoonage and play, Cait and Owen went home, where we concluded that Owen would sleep hard.

Decky and I are winding down, since he has school tomorrow. I’m sure Dad will pass out and sleep until noon tomorrow. He’s been moving nonstop all day. Hopefully all our men will come home richer tonight.

Either way, it’s been a lovely day.