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The bridal shower for Dani went off without hardly a hitch.

Sure, we could have used some fruits and vegetables. And a couple of the more matureolder guests should not have arrived drunk and tried to hog all the atttention.

But overall, everybody had a great time, the food was good, the games and gifts wonderful. You know it’s been a good party when your guests stay late to hang out.

The goal was to show Dani how much we love her, and I think we succeeded.

Bonus: everybody helped with the cleanup, so my house is just as clean as it was this morning! I win!

Almost there

Tomorrow is Dani’s shower, which will be held at my house.

We’ve got a lot done so far, but we have a lot more to do. Cait made the centerpiece and the pumpkin yumpkin muffins. I made the cheesecakes and did some cleaning.

The carpets need shampooing again, since the dogs decided to puke and drag in mud (of course). The wood floors still need to be vacuumed and washed. The decorations need to be put up, the bride’s throne embellished. We need to make the chicken salad and put up streamers and balloons. The bathrooms must be checked and cleaned lightly. Buns need to be sliced. Pumpkins and gourds need to be arranged on the front stoop. The present needs to be wrapped and the card signed.

The painters came out today and caulked, then taped up plastic on my beautiful wall of windows that looks out on my willow and the yard. Luckily, they were considerate enough only to do the top rows of windows, so we can still see out the lower ones. All the other windows on the house are covered. And there are white caulk spots all over the outside of the house. Not a good look for any building, but what could I do? If I put them off, I might get pushed back a couple of weeks. So we’ll just live with it.

Dad, Bill and Decky will be at Decky’s football game most of the morning, then Dad is going to Cabela’s while Decky and Bill play tennis and have a picnic. They will be as happy to out of the house as I will be to have them out of my hair. Cait is coming over in the morning to help me finish up, and the maid of honor will be arriving early to help set up.

The moment I love the best is the instant the first guest rings the doorbell. That signals to me the finality of preparations. I can’t do anything more, whatever is done is done, and whatever isn’t won’t be. It’s time to just enjoy myself and have fun with my guests.

I’m almost there.


So…does Dad bring the chaos with him, or do we just bring it on ourselves whenever he’s around?

I swear, there actually are periods of days or even weeks where absolutely nothing goes on around here. I swear to god. But it seems that whenever Dad’s here, there’s some drama or equipment failure happening.

Ejector pump, dishwasher, ceiling fans. Boy drama, girl drama. It’s weird how it works.

Yesterday we had car drama. Today I’ve been running around getting ready for the shower – shopping, cleaning etc. The electrician replaced the ceiling fan, while the painters powerwashed the house’s exterior. I shampooed the carpets as everyone ran in and out of the house. Poor Dad finally settled on a lawn chair in the driveway, after getting shoved out of the house, then redirected by the powerwashers.

Thankfully I didn’t have to make dinner. Bill took us out to Oklahoma Joe’s, which is a BBQ joint housed in a gas station. Best BBQ we ever ate – we all agreed. And it was the first time I witnessed Dad unable to finish off a slab of ribs. Even Decky loved it! He said we have to go back there soon – and he always hated BBQ!

A successful day all around. Got a lot done, accomplished a lot myself, had a fun time at dinner. Tomorrow – baking, more cleaning, decorating, shopping, etc. Owen and Cait come over in the AM, painters start caulking early, the treadmill guy out at 10am. Picnic at Decky’s school for dinner, and only last minute things to be done for the shower by the end of the day. I’m hoping we’ll be able to squeeze in a walk with Dad.

My plate is full, but I’m so happy about it.


Ryan comes home tomorrow and we can’t wait!

We all just want him home. Decky, especially, misses him so much.

Dad is kind enough to bring him and Denys home, and then Dad will be staying for a little while. Decky wants to take him to the museum, and Dad will also get to see one of Decky’s football games and go to a picnic at Decky’s school. We should have a lot of fun together. We always do.

Since I was waylaid by the blue funk today, the house is not as clean as I want it to be. But I’ll be cleaning all week for the shower Saturday anyway, so why bother doing it all twice? Luckily Dad is flexible and forgiving.

At least I cleaned the bird cage.

Come home soon Dad and Ryan and Denys! Be safe!


Upcoming events:

– Dad is bringing Ryan and Denys home Tuesday, and then staying for a visit. We’re so excited – to see our Bro and to have Dad with us for a while. Yay!
– Dani’s shower is here on Saturday! So much to do, so many plans – very exciting!

I have to clean, cook, decorate, shop, wrap, etc. I love having people over, and I love preparing the house for company. It’s going to be a busy week!

The ceiling fans should be installed this week. The painter may get started on the exterior this week too. The treadmill guy comes on Friday. Ryan will be shopping for a new car right when he gets home. There’s also a football practice and game, drum lesson, and various farmers markets and festivals and school picnics this week.

Wow. I just kinda overwhelmed myself.

Tomorrow – vacuum, clean bird cage, shop for shower gifts, maybe buy a new dress, grocery shopping, cook, clean light fixtures and windows. Ugh.