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The up side

The fourth painter guy that came out today got the job. His bid was way low, he came with wonderful reliable references, and I’ve seen his work. Yay!
Now to call the other painter guys and tell them they didn’t get the job. Boo.

My iphone case arrived in the mail, along with all the prescriptions I had been waiting on.

Bill brought home ice cream treats.

I made a wonderful dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and green beans. The boys gobbled it up!

Ryan went to the doctor for his cough and chest pain and came home with antibiotics and an inhaler. So glad he consented to go and to take the meds.

Owen and Caitlyn came for lunch and Owen gave me many many big smooches and hugs. I’m so lucky!

Decky and I had our dental checkups and cleanings and got good reports.

Decky had a wonderful drum lesson in which he was taught a trick that involved twirling the sticks.

It was a very good but hectic day. I am looking forward to work tomorrow so I can get some ‘rest.’


I have become a slave to my house. I don’t own it, it owns me.

Today, I had the fan guy out to do some maintenance on my two-story-high ceiling fans. When I tried to turn one on for him so he could hear it squeak and squeal, it wouldn’t work. The motor’s shot. He told me not to turn on the second one again, because, see how that doojigger is loose from the whatchacall? Yeah, that. Don’t turn it on again.

So we’re getting two new fans in a couple of weeks.

Then the ejector pump guy came out to clean out the ejector pump, since that’s what the last guy who repaired it said we needed. This guy says it’s not under our contract, but then the manager says they’ll cover it this one time. So it’s cleaned out, but the house is temporarily stinky. Glad that’s done.

Then the paint guy came out to give me estimates on the living room and the exterior paint jobs.
Then another paint guy came out to give me estimates on the living room and exterior paint jobs.

And I’m waiting for another guy to come out and give me estimates on the living room and exterior paint jobs.

After that, I pick Decky up early from school for a dental cleaning, then take him to drum lessons, then make a nice roast for dinner.
And no, I will not be attending the staff meeting tonight.
Maybe I’ll make salsa instead.

Not so fresh

My house smells musty. After a summer of high heat and closed windows and air conditioning, it is musty.

And today, with all the windows open, the high humidity makes it even mustier.

What we need is a new paint smell. Plus maybe a carpet cleaning smell.

Oh heck – who am I kidding? It needs a whole house sterilization and deodorizing. Too bad I won’t be doing something like that anytime soon. Unless someone is coming over, I will only be doing basic cleaning.

The house will get a deep cleaning before Dani’s shower Sept 25th. We can last a few more weeks with the mustiness.

Food equals love, again

Ryan’s friend Denys graduated from college today. We’re all so proud of him. I made him a nice dinner of salmon, grilled corn salad and cornbread. And of course, an eclair cake.

Tomorrow is the last day our ED doctor group works with our hospital, so I made enough grilled corn salad to bring in, along with an extra eclair cake.
We’ll miss them so much.

If you think you’ve detected a pattern here, you may be right.


Okay, the front door is just about done being painted. Maybe one more coat on the inside, some touchups. It’s a glossy very dark brown. I like it.

Next is my bedroom. I am leaning toward a dark aqua or turquoise. I think it will be beautiful with the brown curtains and white trim, don’t you? And a darker shade of turquoise or aqua inside the tray ceiling would look so cool.

I have a guy coming out next week to give me estimates on painting the entire exterior of the house, and the living room/breakfast room eggplant idea. Bill’s pretty much on board for the exterior, now I just have to work on him for the purple. Baby steps, people.

Bacon was a good idea, Amy.

Tomorrow, Cait and Owen and Dani and Miles are coming over for dinner and fun. And for Dani to cut our hair. I have had it with growing out my bangs. I’ve decided that I need the bangs again – I’m so sick of pinning them back, and it’s all way too long. Yuck. Just thinking about it makes me want to lop it all off with a butter knife. But I know I’d get hurt.

So in the morning, while I wait for the internet guy (don’t ask), I will make some pasta sauce with my homegrown tomatoes and basil, and get my chicken parmesan done. That way, I’ll just have to put it all together when the babies come over.

I can’t wait – I know Decky’s dying without his Owen since he started school. I love having everybody over. It’s what I live for.