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Divergent thoughts

The requisite bulletted update after a long hiatus:

– I had an interview for an RN position in the ED at the Best Hospital in Kansas 2012 today. I feel that it went well, and hope I will be able to work there. The manager of the ED is a guy I used to work with, and we always got along well. I should know something late next week.
– I fought the hot flashes during the interview by bringing a sports bottle full of ice water. Nobody looks at you funny if you have one of those with you. A towel, maybe, but not a water bottle.
– Also, I prevented blisters from my interview shoes by doing something innovative: wearing socks.
– Isaac’s remnants have provided us with a steady soaking rain since this morning, and is supposed to continue to do so until tomorrow afternoon. What a wonderful thing rain is. We’ve missed it so. The adults in the house had to hold themselves back from joining the boys in the Rain Show.
– I am full of anxiety. By definition, it’s a generalized, non-specific sense of unease. Since there is no one thing to cause it, I have decided to tackle it by using solutions that treat nothing in particular, but make me generally feel better. More sleep, more exercise, good-for-me food, time alone (!), and some shopping therapy. Momma needs some maintenance. I’m getting tired of nightmares.
– Bill is riding the fast train at work, sharing his innovations on new products with the entire rest of his company. This high demand on my husband’s time will manifest itself in more frequent trips away from me. But that’s the price of doing business. He’s so happy but stressed.
– Stefanie is physically recovered, and is now finding new and different ways to expend her energy, like baking, which has not led to success so far. She bought a booster seat for her car, just in case she needs to take Owen somewhere, and has been spending lots of time with him. He is her joy.
– Kevin spent a fun day with Owen Wednesday. They baked and did homework, then Kevin fell asleep on the couch after a rousing game of hide-and-seek.
– Caitlyn is very pregnant and nested. She is ready for the heat to go away. We all believe that the baby will bring rain and cool temperatures.
– Koby is biding his time until his painful wisdom teeth are pulled next week. Pain is no fun.
– Ryan is making some good money as a bartender, and has been promoted. He now trains new employees. He and Michela will move into their new wonderful apartment Sept 11, and they can’t wait!
– Michela has been crocheting baby booties, and I look forward to seeing the finished products.
– Declan is really enjoying fifth grade so far. He is happy to be continuing the enrichment program, and likes his new regular teacher, who is preparing him for middle school. He was also selected for the fifth grade Leadership Team, members of which attend meetings, convey information to their classes, and plan and participate in community service events.
– Owen really enjoys doing ‘homework’ with Mamoo, bringing completed worksheets home to his parents. He is a joy to us all, and he can’t wait to meet his baby brother.
– I’m on the lookout for a new desk for Bill, a big pedestal table and new rug for the foyer, and maybe a bookcase or some kind of side table/storage unit for the living room.
– I’m getting closer every day to painting the second floor bathroom, hall and loft area. No, really.

Olympics Party

So Stefanie had the idea to have an Olympics Party tomorrow during our regular Wednesday family dinner. Owen loved the idea.

In the morning, Decky and I will take a killer walk, then go to the party store for medals and streamers, etc. Then we have to figure out some fun games for family competitions. We already have ladderball, and we can do a basketball toss, but most of the activities will have to be inside. The temp tomorrow will be 103 they say. Or we could do games in the sprinkler or baby pool, I guess.

This will be fun. After the games, we’ll grill steaks and veggies. Decky will probably make a pie or two (he has surpassed his dad in pudding-pie making skill). And I imagine we should have a medal ceremony.

Any suggestions for games?

I hate the smell of burnt popcorn

Random notes:

I’m sick of the heat. There. I’ve said it.

Tomorrow, Decky and I will head out for an early morning walk on some fun trails a short drive away from the house. Usually we walk from the house to some local destination, but this is what he picked, so there you go. It should be about 70 when we set out, so it should be really nice for a change.

After our walk, we have to move all the furniture out of the living room, then vacuum and shampoo the carpet. Owen will be over at 10:30 to help. When we’re done with all that hard work, it’s time for…

wait for it

…Shampooing-the-rug-moving-the-furniture Dance Party!!! We all put on slippers, crank the music, and dance like crazy!!!

After that, we’ll probably play in the sprinkler or something. Then we’ll throw some tilapia in the oven for dinner, since we’ll be too tired to cook, obviously. And at 7, I’m getting a haircut.

I’m getting my bangs back!!! So excited! Maybe I’ll get my eyebrows waxed too. I totally deserve it.

BTW, did I tell you about my new toenail? Yep, I got one. Stef and I went for pedicures last weekend and she talked me into getting a prosthetic toenail for my nailless big toe. It looked so nice, just like the other nine. Stef and Caitlyn couldn’t stop giggling about it. They’re so weird. When the nail fell off the next day after a killer walk with Decky, I just glued it back on. Right now, it’s in a decorative bowl on my bathroom counter, waiting for a special occasion.

Work is fine. My workdays are usually pretty short, so my paychecks are much smaller. Once Decky’s back in school I hope to get more hours. I am also still applying for various jobs that appeal to me. I never get past the first interview though. It’s very hard to not get down about it. I don’t know what’s going on, but at least I have a job in hand. I just have to be patient and wait for the just-right thing to come along. And keep hoping it will.

Also, did you hear what happened to Kevin and Ryan Wednesday? Ryan was watching Owen and Decky upstairs, and Kevin noticed water coming through the light fixture in his bedroom downstairs. After some investigation, the boys determined that the washer had been overfilled and was leaking everywhere. They used most of the towels in the house to sop up the water, but when they lifted the kitty litter box off the floor, the soaked bottom fell apart and kitty litter went everywhere! Ryan figured it would soak up some of the water so he spread it around a bit. And it turned to cement. That they cleaned up with a shovel. I did a full clean of the entire laundry room yesterday. It looks great now.

Have you ever noticed that some things just don’t ever get done until you reach a certain tipping point? For me to clean the laundry room, a major catastrophe involving water leakage and kitty litter was the tipping point. For me to shampoo the living room carpet required just one more pee spot. It happens that way all the time around here.

Caitlyn is very pregnant and hot and we’re always after her to drink more water.
Stefanie has an interesting job and is looking into future career and school options.
Ryan and Michela are moving into a new apartment in mid-September and are very excited about it.
Declan walks 4-5 miles with me any morning we can fit it in. He hasn’t played golf in a while because of the heat. We’ve been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and are halfway through The Two Towers.
Bill is on fire at work lately, since becoming the go-to man in the company for selling a particular product.
The twelve dogs are all fine.

Bill, Decky and I are going to Colorado Springs August 8-12 for a short vacation. We plan to golf, hike, sightsee at Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, go rafting and maybe even ziplining. And of course Bill will go to the dog track.

More updates to follow.

Life goes on

So I got fired last week. Terminated. I didn’t do anything wrong, but it didn’t matter in the end. I had a hard time with it, and I’m still smarting, but most of the time my family distracted me. Oh, and my scleritis flared up too. Damned stress.

My men did the Warrior Dash this weekend, I’ve been watching Owen a lot, I’ve been keeping busy. I already applied for a few jobs and have an interview next week. And Kevin thinks I would make a great cashier at Pei Wei, and they’re hiring, so there’s that.

My family is my life, its true, but I need a job. My self-esteem is in the crapper, I’m alone with my thoughts too much, and I need a paycheck too.

One job that looks interesting is a research nurse position at the Big University. I fit the requirements to a tee, it’s pretty active, and uses all my skills. And I’d also get to use my brain and BSN training in research.

I miss my work family, but I’ll be okay. I’ll enjoy this break, and find that just-right job. Even my worst days are pretty good. I’m still luckier than most.

Whatcha been doin’?

So I’ve been working on getting Decky tested for the gifted program. He was initially suggested for consideration (I forget by whom) last year about this time. So I’ve sent the occasional email to Ms B, the gifted teacher, asking what’s going on? And she’s always said, he’s still waiting on the psychological testing, do you want me to have him work on another project? And I always said yes, and then waited a while to bug her again.

Well, this time I wrote the same email to the school psychologist. And I copied Decky’s wonderful former teacher, Ms G. She called me right away, enflamed. She couldn’t believe he wasn’t already in the program. She must have lit a fire, because next thing you know, Decky’s being tested, and two other people who have worked with Decky told me they set the psychologist straight and told her this had to get done right away. Word travels fast! And today, the gifted teacher kept winking at me and beaming, saying it wouldn’t be very long before we knew, and thank you!

I swear, there are so many people in that school who just LOVE Decky. The one who doesn’t can just step off.

Ms G also asked me what else I was doing with Decky right now. When I told her pretty much nothing, she asked why not? She called me out in her soft way, so I got busy. I am working on an application to the summer gifted program at Northwestern University. I got Decky enrolled in the Duke TIP, which provides resources and online study programs for gifted kids. I called the local high school to see if there was a smart good kid who would teach Decky Scratch computer programming in exchange for community service hours and cookies. I tried, but I am just not bright enough.

So I feel like I’m getting something done for my boy. Who is right now patching a basketball so he can play with Brother.


I have been working out many times a week lately. I bought myself one of those armbands that keep track of how many calories you burn, what your level of exertion is, how many steps you take, etc. I log my foods, and it tells me how much activity I need and get everyday. It’s pretty cool. I mess up a lot on my diet, but I do pretty well on the exercise. It keeps me accountable. Today Caitlyn and I took a step class, which was hard but fun. It had been over fifteen years since I took one, but it all came back to me pretty quickly. Now if my body would just not be so old and heavy. Thursday, we plan on taking a Zumba class. I saw a bunch of fat ladies taking the class today, so I know I can do it. It won’t be pretty, but I can do it.


My husband will be fifty next month. But tomorrow, he is going to Miami for business, and will be running a 5k there. He’s excited. And as he keeps telling me, he’s in the best shape of his life. I would have to agree. I don’t want to be the fat one in the relationship though, so I better get to work.


Stefanie and Kevin and the dogs will be moving in with us in March. I have so much to do to get ready! I have to clean out the storage room, move all of Owen’s toys up to the loft, paint the bathroom and bedroom, replace the door, put up a mirror, and fix the yard so Linus won’t get out. I am getting excited. I have always wanted all my family near me, and now it’s going to happen! I know there will be rough patches, but we all love each other and we all want the same things, so I know we can work anything out. The key, I think, will be to stay away from extremes. Keep everything steady and even-keeled. Give things time and see how everything shakes out.

We got nothin’ but time.


Work has been very busy, and we’re always short-staffed. It’s been hard lately. But we just keep plugging away. My boss has hired a lot of new nurses, so it will start getting better soon. Then I’ll have to fight for hours. That’s okay. I can deal with that when it comes up.


It’s been so dry here lately, that there’s a Fire Warning out. That means we can’t use the new firepit Caitlyn and Koby gave us for Christmas. Oh well. Soon enough.


Stay tuned for more news as it happens.