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Great day

Yesterday I thought I had the day to myself. I ended up with half a day to myself and it was really great.

Andrea and I met at the bookstore, where we discussed being disgruntled lapsed Catholics who need something to believe in. We perused the New Age, Christianity and Self Help sections. We each chose some books that might give us direction, or at least provide some options. I seemed to subconsciously veer away from the Christianity aisle, and I shied away from books that had too many mentions of God and prayer in them. I also avoided the books that stressed the ‘self’ and inward direction. I ended up being interested the most in outwardly-directed action, being present, and giving and forgiving. That’s not a religion, I know. But those tenets seem to be the basis of a loving, kind spirituality that has its foundation in a loving, kind, higher intelligence. So now I have some reading to do.

After the bookstore, we had a great long talky lunch at Houlihan’s. Wonderful food – ate too much. And the chance to just talk and relax with a friend was really priceless. The next time I hesitate to schedule time or make effort to give myself some friend time, I will remember how much fun I had with Andrea yesterday. Although my family are my friends, I do have a need for outside relationships. Now I know.

I picked Owen up after lunch so his momma could nap and rest for the afternoon. We bought some new tree garland and decorations, then came home to make eclair cakes. We also decorated the house for Koby’s birthday. Ryan was over, and he, Declan and Owen had major nerf gun fights in the basement. They all came up for dinner sweaty and red-faced. No major injuries, thank goodness.

After dinner, Koby and Caitlyn and some friends were supposed to come over for birthday cake. Unfortunately, Koby had so much fun drinking birthday shots with his work friends, Caitlyn had to take him home to puke and pass out. I was thankful he didn’t come over after hearing that. So the family party will be tonight.

Today, I will bake some applesauce cakes, one of which I will bring to work for my friend Marilyn’s birthday. Then I will put the second coat of purple paint on the downstairs bathroom. It looks so nice – just a smoky purple. The brown towels will really tie it all together.

After school, Decky and I will go to Best Buy for some drum pads, which he tells me will extend the life of his drum set. We may browse for Christmas gifts, too.

Tonight, Koby, Caitlyn, Owen, Dani, Tommy and Miles, and maybe Ryan (and whomever else shows up) will come over to enjoy cake and fun. The only thing missing will be Bill. He comes home very late tonight. I’m missing the heck out of him and I can’t wait to see him.

The deck guys are working on the stairs today. After everything is framed (hopefully today), we can call for our second inspection. Then the way will be clear for finishing the rest of the deck. We are all really looking forward to having Fire Night on the new deck soon!

Have a great day!

Good life

I am so missing Bill. He’s in Milwaukee until late tomorrow night. He also broke his cellphone, so I can’t talk to him unless he calls me on someone else’s phone. I feel like I have no one to talk to. And I can’t work, because there aren’t any workable hours available for me. So I’m lonely.

Also, the dogs won’t poop unless I walk them to the end of the subdivision. In the 22 degree cold at 0655 this morning. In my jammies.

The deck is really coming along. It makes me feel good to see the pride in the deck guy’s eyes and demeanor when we talk about how it’s going. It was hard for me to be patient with the long and meticulous prep work, but I feel better now.

It’s Koby’s birthday today. He’s 24 years old. I couldn’t love him more if I gave birth to him myself. He brings joy to my daughter and to the entire family. I love him. Owen and I will be making him eclair cakes today. Yes, that was plural. We don’t mess around.

Since I can’t work, I made plans to go to the bookstore and out to lunch with my girlfriend Andrea. Friends seem to be at the bottom of my priority list, so I made an extra effort to get some face time with Andrea today. I am really looking forward to it.

I want to decorate. Not just for Christmas, but in general. I want ropes of tiny clear light bulbs somewhere inside my house. I have to figure out where and how to get them.

Got to get ready for my girl-date. TTYL.

What’s goin’ on

The guys finally came out to work on the deck again today. They still don’t have the posts up, but they put in four solid hours of work, so something must be going on. I bought white Christmas lights to illuminate my deck railings, so they better hurry the heck up.

Bill, Decky, Owen, Koby and I went to Miles’ birthday party today. It was held at PowerPlay, which is essentially a casino for kids. We had a great time, and my hearing is just about back to normal.

Owen is sleeping over tonight. We ate Chinese, played with rocks, watched Dinosaur train and made cookies. Booboo will make big breakfast in the morning. Owen’s already ordered pancakes.

Since it’ll be too windy and chilly to golf tomorrow :(, we’ll be taking a long nature walk. Maybe we’ll try Shawnee Mission Park, they have lots of cool trails there.

I only have to work one day this week (unless something pops up), because Bill’s going out of town Wednesday to Friday night. And since Michela’s going to Washington Thursday, hopefully Ryan and Deja will come hang out with us a little bit.

I’m watching House MD on Hulu. I had forgotten how great this show is.

See how boring my life is? Now the gap between entries makes sense, doesn’t it?

Breathing time

I feel like I’ve been on the run for days. I am now finally sitting on the couch with my Mac on my lap, the animals curled by the fire. Bill and Decky are in bed and the only sounds I hear are the washer and dryer running.

*deep breath in*
*slow exhale*

If I was smart, I would be doing yoga and walking regularly, just to show myself some love. But I’m not. And lately I feel very old. Since I stopped taking the methotrexate, I haven’t had any flareups of the scleritis or iritis (touch wood), but I have noted arthritic pain in the bases of my thumbs and big toes. I wince when someone tries to ‘high five’ me. I can’t use the hitting lanes at the tennis club, because I can hardly walk the next day. This makes me feel old.

I think about my options. I could just live with this arthritis, just like my mom and grandma had to. Or I could take this stupid, cheap drug that seems to help get rid of it, even though nobody really knows why it works or how it affects the body. While this internal debate rages on, I take my mobic when the pain gets too bad, and ask for help opening jars. I”ll probably just put it off until something forces me into a decision.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

The concrete piers for the deck posts are poured. There are large stacks of lumber in my driveway, with more to come. All the material for the deck has been ordered. Next week should show us some real progress, I hope.

The landscape guys got rid of all the leaves that blanketed my yard, and it looks so clean and nice again. It’s a good feeling.

Decky started basketball practice and he’s behaving and doing the work. I hope he enjoys himself this season, because last year was not so much fun. He goofed around too much and the coach got pissed.

I don’t have to work tomorrow, so I plan to take it easy and enjoy time with my men. It should be a beautiful day for a hike. Maybe I can find a little time for myself.

What do you do to show yourself some love?


I can’t believe it’s frickin’ November!

I didn’t experience it myself since I was at work all day, but it was about 78 degrees and sunny today. Right now, the windows are open and the fans are on. By the time we wake up, it will start to rain and the temperature will drop throughout the day. But we need the rain so desperately, I don’t mind a day of indoor activity.

The inspector from the city approved our deck builder’s post holes, so tomorrow Owen and I will go with him to start buying building materials. This will be a big fun thing for O’Boy. Then, hopefully the cement will be poured and the posts will be erected very soon. I can’t wait to see actual progress being made on this deck already.

We had a great Halloween. Owen and I went to Decky’s school party, where Decky performed yoyo tricks for his class, and Owen and I helped with games and treats etc. The girls all kept picking Owen up and fighting over him. He loved it. We came home for a rest and some TV time (while I vacuumed and finished making dinner), then everybody came over for food. After dinner, we went trick-or-treating in my friend’s rich neighborhood. Andrea and Charlie gave us beer, the kids got candy, and Koby got to scare people by jumping out of bushes at them. The kids ran up and down hills and stairs and were worn to little nubs by the end of the night. When we got back to the house, we stopped and visited at the neighbors’ party next door for a short time. Then we ended our day by collapsing in our respective beds.

Luckily, trick-or-treaters and neighbors saw some flames licking up Andrea’s and Charlie’s house before any damage was done. Seems a landscape light caught some dried pine needles on fire. We have a Fire Warning out here, you know.

Now’s my down time. Tomorrow will be busy and rainy and windy and cold, but at least I’ll be home and with Owen. And I received three pounds of sweet Missouri pecan halves in the mail today – I can’t wait to make some spiced nuts and trail mix with them!