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No excuses

We’re all busy. I’m no different. Perhaps more lazy than most, but that’s about it.

How about an update?

Bro is out playing poker with his boss and coworkers. Hubby is in bed. Bubba is in bed. The Dog Concussion Grenade has gone off. Even the bird is asleep, or at least quiet.

I’m hoping O’Baby is asleep. I took him and Bubba and Nick to the pool today and did my best to wear them all out. It rained most of the time we were there, and that was good and bad. Good: we had the pool mostly to ourselves. Bad: You can’t get a cold wet baby warm and dry with a cold and wet towel. We ended up shortening our visit, and returning home to play.

Bubba enjoyed his playtime with Nick, then went to baseball practice. He should sleep well tonight.

I made a nice dinner. Locally-grown clean steaks on the grill, kashi, and every vegetable I had sauteed with garlic and salsa. Clean, baby. Makes me feel good.

My carpets need shampooing – bad. The rain that has been saturating us for the past forever days is making things tough on us. There is bright humid sunshine one second, then pluvious downpours the next. Then it gets really hot and starts the cycle again. I’m done with that nonsense.

Tomorrow is O’Baby’s two-year checkup. And Bubba and I plan to go to the local farmers market. He’s really into the organic food lately – he even ate some blueberries right off our bushes this morning! Without CoolWhip! And declared that they were pretty good!

Thursday is O’Baby’s second birthday. I have a hard time believing that this giant presence in our lives has only been around such a short time. Conversely, I have a hard time believing that two years have passed so quickly. He is a joy and a miracle and a daily blessing.

Friday, my mom flies in for a visit. We are all really really excited to see her! The Princess will pick her up from the airport, because it will be a crazy day for our family. Hubby and I have quick doctor appointments at 9am, he has an upper endoscopy at 10am, Bubba has a book club meeting at 10:30am, Mom’s flight gets in at 10:30am. After Hubby takes a good long nap, The Princess, Koby and O’Baby will be coming over for dinner to celebrate O’Baby’s birthday.

I can’t wait. I love it when it’s busy and crazy around here. The more people, the better. I sometimes just like to sit and watch all the people I love moving around the house, laughing and eating and talking. It’s the happiest I get.

Hey – thanks for checking in. I’ll try to be a little more timely with my updates.

Wonderful day

This morning, I spent a lot of time doing errands, but got a lot accomplished. I’m pleased with that.

I also got a haircut. It’s not a drastic change, but not a small one. I look a little older, but I’m okay with that. I feel stylish and my hair looks nice and shiny and neat now. Even The Princess approves!

This afternoon, The Princess and O’Baby came over to give Frank a bath. He was a good dog, and now he’s a clean and shiny good dog with a fluffy butt.
After the bath, we loaded O’Baby into the stroller and walked to the school to pick Bubba up. I walked Frank, and decided to try him out running. He was so good – he loved it! When I would stop, he would look at me like, C’mon – let’s go some more! I felt kinda bad because he’s so painfully skinny, but we ran a total of about a mile and a half. What fun!

When we got to school and let O’Baby out of the stroller, he decided he was going to run too. He ran back and forth between the bike racks and the bus driveway about four or five times! What a sweetie!

The boys played in the hose when we got home. The Princess clipped Frank’s nails and gave him a good brushing. Now he doesn’t smell like the pound anymore. And he’s happily exhausted. Just like Grandma.

After The Princess and her boys went home, I took a shower. Then Hubby, Bubba and I walked to a neighborhood restaurant, where we ate dinner on the patio. Such a beautiful afternoon, such wonderful food, such great company! After we walked home, Bubba and I went to Penney’s to get a suit coat and shoes for Communion. We were more successful than I had hoped, and paid a lot less than I thought we’d have to. I even got Bubba some new running shoes!

Now Bubba’s in the tub, and Hubby and I are messing with our respective laptops. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much today, but I had such a good time doing it.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I am so lucky.


When I came home from work tonight, my family was complete. In my home.

Blondie was in from Chicago.
Bro was over for dinner.
The Princess, Koby and O’Baby were paying a visit.
Bubba and Hubby were home.

The house was loud. The music of many voices filled the place. It was home.

I am defined by the people I love. The people I am in love with. My family.


I had high hopes for this weekend.
Actually, I was happy my whole family was able to go to Chicago for my niece’s wedding.
Then I was happy that the only disfiguring bruises were on Bro, and they were easily covered with makeup by The Princess.
Then I was really happy that I got a couple of wonderful family pictures done by the wedding photographer.
Then I was thrilled to see my sister and her kids.

I would have been happy to stop right there. The weekend would have been a complete success just by meeting the above criteria.
But then we danced at the wedding.

I couldn’t restrain Bubba through dessert. He HAD to dance. So he and Bro went out there and danced. It was something to see. The bride hadn’t even had her first dance yet. People hadn’t finished dinner.
Then the DJ played ‘Rock with You.” Hubby and O’Baby hit the floor. And so did The Princess, Blondie, Bro, Bubba and I. We just couldn’t help it.

We passed O’Baby around until he finally said, “Enough” and made us put him down. The boy can shake what God gave him and I’m not lying. The lights and speakers attracted him like a magnet. Everywhere he went, a circle of dancers formed around him. He was clapping and marching and shaking his booty.
Bubba was throwing himself all around the dance floor, spinning and flipping and sweating and smiling.
We must have danced every dance. We did take a time-out when Meeghan and Jimmy had their first dance, but that was probably our only break.
Bro and I sandwiched Blondie a la “Night at the Roxbury.”
We all danced with each other, and with everybody else. If no one else was around we each danced alone.

It was a wonderful night. The food was great, the ceremony was beautiful. We danced until 10:45, when we finally were able to wrestle O’Baby into his coat. He could have gone all night.

How wonderful it all was. We looked good, we danced a lot, we were together. We were so happy.
The evening exceeded any expectation I could have had.
How lucky are we?

hed code

That’s what I have: a hed code.

Last night was the worst sleep of my life. Ever.

Hubby was sick yesterday – poops, body aches, etc. I kept him locked in his room all day, and only went in there to sleep at about 9:30pm. I had taken a sinus pill, but my nose kept running.
Hubby was whining in his sleep. Whining.
I had terrible dreams of someone holding me tight in his arms and not letting me go no matter how I struggled.
And Hubby was sooooo restless.
Around midnight, I grabbed my pillow and went upstairs to the guest room. Hubby’s lucky I didn’t smother him with it in his sleep.
I made the bed, set my alarm and tried to sleep.
My nose kept running, my mind kept racing. I tossed and turned, and a song from “They Might Be Giants” kept running through my head: Speed, Velocity, Acceleration. In an endless agitated loop.
Then Penny walked into the room, playing Mrs. Heavy-foot and panting, around 3:17am.
I felt like I didn’t sleep a wink. The alarm went off at 5:49, and I felt relieved I didn’t have to try to sleep anymore.
I sleptwalk through a very quiet day at work, then came home to my family and Chick-Fil-A.

I don’t know how tonight will go. I don’t think I’ll take any medicine. I’ll turn on the vaporizer and use some vicks vaporub. Tomorrow, Bubba and I have an 8am appointment with the dentist, then I have to watch O’Baby all day.

I’m gonna need a good sleep. Oh boy.