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Exciting times we live in

So many important things are going on right now, good and not-so-good, that keep me busy and thinking all the time.

My brother Greg survived a significant heart attack and subsequent double bypass open heart surgery.  Getting the call from my Mom was the biggest shock of my life.  But he’s a few weeks out now, the cardiac surgeon has released him from his care, and the cardiologist has set him up with cardiac rehab in a week.  Greg’s physical and emotional worlds have been rocked and he’s struggling to reconcile his old activities with his new limitations.  He’s doing so well.  I’m so proud of him.

Mom’s been his rock all this time.  She’s been busting her hump, trying to give him the support he needs, encouraging him to do more each day.  She’s on the front lines in this war recovery effort.  She’s a saint and we have to get her a really big gift this year.

Bill’s company was bought out and he started with his new employer last week.  So much frustration and uncertainty over small and big things.  I worry that he’s too stressed out.  I do what I can to keep things calm and comfortable around here, giving him loving support and meals that he likes.  He works so hard.

I’ve started to give my grandboys some learning opportunities while I watch them.  We have a Letter of the Week, with activities and hands-on projects, and I’m working on coordinating a weekly field trip.  It’s really hard to go out with three little men, but even if it’s to the playground, that’s something.  Doing preschool stuff makes me feel like I’m not just sitting on my butt watching them do stuff.  I’m actually working to prepare them for school!  And it brings me great joy when the ‘light bulb’ goes on and I can see that they’ve actually learned something.  They’re so proud when they succeed!

The Cubs have had their best year in so so long.  It’s been so wonderful to watch this season.  They seem so relaxed and happy, like they’re having a great time.  The Wild Card game is Wednesday, and I can’t wait!  Maybe I’ll make a poster…

Ryan and Michela are finally married!  It was a wonderful wedding, thrown by her wonderful family, and we were all so happy.  We danced every dance.  New moves were invented, toasts were given, babies were exhausted.

Stefanie and Kevin and Elliott are moving into a rental house in less than two weeks.  It’s a big step, and they’re so ready.  I can’t wait to see Elliott playing in his own yard with the dogs, Stef cooking in her kitchen, Kevin mowing the lawn.  And they’ll be so close by, too.  Yay!

Caitie has been dealing with so much crap, but still has manage to mostly keep her shit together.  She is currently looking for a new job, since the first one was not right for her.  I have faith that she will find something that will fit her needs and allow her to grow, build a clientele, and earn lots of money to support her boys.

Declan is so tall now, and he’s still growing.  His voice is low, he shaves, he wears the same size clothes and shoes as his brother and dad.  And he’s becoming more mature in other ways, too.  I know he could take care of any baby or kid in the world, and keep him/her safe and happy.  It’s in him and it’s wonderful.

The grandboys are my joy.  Owen is in second grade and has long blonde hair.  He can catch any ball you throw to him and run like the wind.  He is a wonderful boy with a strong love for his mom.  And he has no teeth in front.

Ollie is our sensitive one.  He wears his emotions on the outside, so he is joyful and goofy one minute, sulking and quiet the next.  He’s bright as they come and loves to learn.  I also heard him mediating a babyfight between the younger two the other day.  He was so calm and patient.

Elliott is his own man.  He is slightly smaller in stature than Theo the giant baby, but he holds his own.  He is smart and sweet and is excellent at all sports.  He’s not afraid to catch any ball!  I can tell he thinks a lot, and he’s got a great sense of humor.

Theo is a tornado.  He runs through the room, hair all bushy and disheveled, destroys whatever he sees someone playing with, then turns to you with a brilliant smile and reaches up for a hug.  He pushes the other boys’ buttons and laughs to see their reactions.  He snuggles hard and is a joy to be with.

Sure, not-so-good things happen.  Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.  But life is good.  With this wonderful family of mine, it’s certainly never dull.

Just plain weird

Bill and Decky and I went to the walgrreens today. On the list: picture-hanging hardware, a wedding card, nail polish, and chocolate.

We each went our separate ways upon entering, then met up by the cashier. Bill and I found that we had each independently selected the same size bag of chocolate-covered peanuts.

I guess after half our lives together, it makes some sense to know each other’s tastes so well. But still.

It’s just plain weird sometimes.

– – – – – –

Also, tomorrow’s Dani’s and Tommy’s wedding. We’re all going and we’re all going to be wearing our dancing clothes!

Everybody’s getting
Ready for the wedding!
Oh, we’re so excited!

Everybody’s getting
Ready for the wedding!
We’ve all been invited!

I can’t wait to see my kids dance and have a great time with each other. The only sad part will be the black space on the dance floor that should be occupied by Stefanie. We’ll all have to dance enough to make up for her absence. And our collective goal is to get Koby out there with us. Yeah!


With fall approaching (ever so slowly, here in Kansas), I can feel myself nesting more.

The farmers market is turning to squash and tomatoes. No more berries and green beans.
All the stores have fall clothing, boots.
There are previews for new fall TV shows.

I am thinking about apple picking and fall colors and hiking and wearing sweaters and watching football and making big pots o’ food.

And I am thinking about painting the house inside and out. I am perusing the different catalogs for fall decorations. And cookbooks for hearty recipes.
I even want to learn to can foods.

I signed up for three classes on cooking with beans, whole grains and vegetables. I am researching canning, but will probably not attempt it until I take a class.
I am ready for fall. I want to take long walks under changing leaves in brisk weather.

So tomorrow will be 92 again. Inside, I’m ready to start a fire.

It’s gotta be the hormones

I have lots of energy when I’m not exhausted.

I’m exercising, on the treadmill three or four days a week. But I’m gaining weight because I can’t seem to stop eating.

I’m yelling at everyone, I’m pissed about everything, I feel like I’ll cry for no reason at all.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel I have no control over my emotions or urges. And this is disconcerting. I know I’m in perimenopause, and I have been for a year or two.

But this feels like PMS with no end. Oy gaval.
Please let this end soon.

Looking up

I thought I’d go out to the Walgreen’s this afternoon and buy some chocolate. You know, make myself feel better.

I went to the Gap store instead. I don’t know why. It was not premeditated. But that’s where I ended up. I haven’t been to that store in well over a year. I haven’t felt that I could buy anything better than old navy stuff.

But I wanted a new pair of jeans. My old favorite gap jeans are huge on me now. So I tried on a size 14 and a 12. I swam in them.

I was flummoxed, flabbergasted and perplexed. I asked the salesperson to get me a size ten. And it fit! My belly is still kinda big and flabby, so I’m actually a lumpy 10, but I am a size ten!

I then bought another pair of pants and a couple of tops and a sweater on sale. Then I went over to Gap body and got a nice bra in a smaller size and some cute underpants. Everything fits! I could pass out!

I tell ya, that sure made me feel better than chocolate.


On a related side note: I think part of my emotional roller-coaster could possibly be blamed on perimenopause. I’m getting hot flashes again, and my cycle is becoming more irregular, so the mood swings kinda make sense.

Not that that makes it any better, but at least I have a scapegoat now.