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I am still not recovered from the drastic pruning of my trees, particularly my willow.

I know, I know. No big deal. They’ll grow back. The house looks bigger, the trees more stately, the yard neater. There are less bugs, more sunshine, less messy leaves on the deck, patio and driveway.

So what’s my problem?

I figured it out the other night. We slept with the windows open, and I realized that it was quiet. Too quiet.

The squirrel nests are gone. Some birds’ nests are gone. The lush shelter of the giant willow is gone. Exposure chased away my backyard wildlife.

I am sad that this has happened. I even miss that one early-rising bird whose raucous call would rudely awaken me in the barely-dawn hours. I know they’ll all eventually come back, but that’s what I’m missing.

I had no idea nature’s symphony was the soundtrack of my daily life.

Earth day

Yeah, I know that was a week or so ago, but today we were all about the earth. We went to the garden store, then did a bunch of digging and planting, Bubba and I.

We bought two hostas, which we divided into nine plants, and planted them in front of the garage.
We planted two heirloom tomato plants, a basil, a roma tomato, a big boy tomato, two cilantro, and a patty pan squash plant.
We sowed seeds for green beans, yellow beans, and zucchini.
Tomorrow, we install two topsy-turvy planters on the garage. We will plant a roma tomato, a big boy tomato, a cilantro and a basil plant in them. As the season progresses, Bubba and I will observe the differences between the topsy-turvy plants and the ones in the ground.

Things like this get us so excited!

Nature boys

So Bubba had Jake S and Nick M over yesterday. It was a nice day, so they spent most of their time outside.

I looked out the back window to check on them and I saw the boys standing on the brush-covered hill that directly overlooks the golf course our property abuts.

Bubba was standing there with his back to me, obviously peeing. About twenty feet to his right was Jake S, also facing the golf course and peeing. And between them was Nick M, pants at his ankles, facing the golf course, peeing.

The Princess and I laughed while we waited until they were done, then I told them not to do that again.

Thank goodness there were no golfers out at the time.

What the neighbors must think of us.

Signs of spring

Signs of spring I have noticed lately:
– tons of mud in the yard
– patches of green scattered throughout the mud in the yard
– three dogs with a total of twleve muddy paws that need wiping
– buds on the trees
– lots of sneezing and watery eyes from the buds on the trees
– crocuses, irises and tulips pushing their green leaves up through the mulch
– the willow branches are turning green, soon to bud
– lots more golfers on the golf course
– lots and lots more golf balls in the yard
– the sun somehow feels warmer
– it’s lighter out later
– I have spring fever – I can’t wait to get out and walk all over the world and explore new trails
– the next-door neighbors are back from Florida
– lots of litter lining the creek beds
– the goldfinches are starting to brighten and turn gold again
– the squirrels are crazy active lately
– baseball spring training
– I open the car windows a lot more now
– I leave the heat turned off more often
– I can open the windows more, too
– the windows need a serious cleaning
– the yard needs to be raked and cleaned up.

What signs of spring are you seeing?