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Paczki Day

When I think of Paczki Day, I think of Gram. And how she said that Jack was a Paczki Boy because he was born on that day.

She was the most Polish part of my life. I miss her and that connection. Now it feels like I’m the old lady who makes sure all her kids remember they’re Polish too.

I guess she was my last tie to the old country, to my heritage.

So I’ll keep making pierogi and interjecting random Polish words and sayings into conversations (Boze grodzi!). To honor Gram, at least.

Na zdrowie.

Happy day

Today, my sister was awakened by an earthquake.
My husband did the splits on a slippery hill.
My little son had a Great! day at school.
My yellow dog did not pee in the house.
My big son RSVP’d a wedding.
My younger daughter booked a flight to Chicago.
My older daughter got tagged in a photo on facebook looking like she was having quite a good time.
At work, I took care of a woman who screamed when the automatic blood pressure cuff went off.
My dad turned sixty-nine years old.

Happy birthday Dad! And many happy returns of this eventful day!

The sweater as metaphor

I think my new sweater is purple. The Princess thinks it’s navy blue.
And that pretty much sums up our whole relationship.

We differ, we have strong opinions, but we really think very much along the same lines. And although we argue, our views are very similar. Our differences don’t really matter much at all, but sometimes they get in the way just because they are differences.

Anyway, that’s my take on things.


Today is my nephew Jack’s fifth birthday! We must celebrate all day. We will make paper hats, and blow on horns, and put on large shoes and march around the house. And we will have a cake in his honor! For today is a glorious day! It’s Jack’s birthday and the world is happy!

Happy birthday wonderful boy!!!

A plateful of birthday cake

My sister has a birthday today. I won’t tell you how old she is, but she’s nine years younger than I am.

I took her to the park every day of her life when she was two, I think.

She has four kids now, from almost-five to four-month-old twins. She will be returning to work Monday, full-time, while her husband stays home with the kids.

She has a lot on her plate. But she’ll handle it. She will be able to, for the most part, because of plentiful family support and mad organizational skills. She will probably make John write down exactly what each child had for each meal and at what time, and what color poop they each had, if they pooped. And she’ll come home from work, make dinner, nurse the twins, and get all the kids to bed before working on her lesson plans each night.

She’s totally fucking nuts, living her crazy-ass life. But she loves it, and she’s happy, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for her.

Happy birthday, sister! I love you!

Proud as punch

My dad got the wii fit plus for Christmas, along with a couple of games to go with it.

He has been using it daily. He has made it part of his morning routine. He tries new stuff, like yoga and step aerobics. He can run in place for twenty minutes. The wii keeps track of his balance and BMI and minutes exercising, and he improves every day.

Every day he improves. This is huge.

The wii fit plus just seems to have clicked with him. I have never seen him this motivated. He sounds like he’s eager for the challenge every day.

He’s sticking to it. He’s persevering. He workin’ on his fitness. I’m his witness.

I’m so proud of him. It’s tough to take on a new challenge, especially when it’s something that could easily be drudgery. But he’s doing it. He’s doing all he can to make himself fit and healthy. I wish I could be as motivated and disciplined as he is.

I just couldn’t be prouder of him. Good job, Dad!