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Better day, courtesy of Owen

Things were so much better today. I watched Owen all day, and he is my joy. He came through the front door singing, “Sunny day! Clouds away!” And that was it. That set the tone for the whole day.

We went to the indoor winter farmer’s market. There was one guy with a card table full of produce.
We went to the wild bird store, where we bought a gourd birdhouse and some seed.
We went grocery shopping, using the giant bus/cart, because Momma says that’s only for Mamoos to use.
We swept the deck and filled the bird feeder. We ate a big lunch and took a big nap.
When Decky came home and Ryan woke up, they both played with our ray of sunshine boy.

Everything that kid does brings joy to anyone around him. Oh how lucky we all are.

I work the next two days, so I will miss him. I’ll just have to go to my happy place in my head with Owen when things get tough. That’ll get me through.

Halloween recap

Yesterday was so much fun! And so busy! Just the way I like it.

We spent most of the day cleaning and cooking. I vacuumed and washed the floors while Bill shampooed the rugs. When the house was clean, I started in the kitchen. I made a big pot of chili, some baked acorn squash, quesadillas, cornbread, and pumpkin yumpkin muffins. We used the bench for extra seating at the kitchen table so we could seat everyone.

Caitlyn, Koby, Owen, Dani, Tommy and Miles came over for dinner. Afterward, we all drove over to Nick’s house, so we could trick-or-treat in his neighborhood with him and his mom and brother. Ryan came home just in time to join us.

Miles and Owen did such a wonderful job going house to house! Owen was running, saying, “Run!” They both did their best at saying ‘Trick-or-Treat’ and ‘Thank you.’ Decky and Nick did too.

We all went back to our house for some pud-pud and ice cream, then the adults enjoyed some wine. The babies and their parents went home, and Bill and I took Decky and Nick out for another round of trick-or-treating. They each had quite a haul!

After driving Nick home, and avoiding the crazy neighbors’ party on the driveway next door, Bill, Decky and I relaxed and regrouped.

I finished up the cleaning this morning, then spent the day doing nonproductive things with Owen and Caitlyn. We shopped for new gym shoes and boots, and hand cream and soaps. We had a fun lunch at a new restaurant, then I went to their house to meet their new kitten Bean. Sweet little thing – lets Owen pick him up and carry him wherever he wants.

I think the three of us missed our occasional fun days out. Too much work and travel lately I guess.

After a dinner of leftovers, I took Declan to basketball practice. He is tired and kinda cranky, but he’ll feel better once he’s in bed for the night with his dog.

Work a half day tomorrow, vote, early dismissal for Decky. Pretty quiet, just right after our weekend trip and Halloween.


Owen slept over last night because Cait was supposed to work at 7am today.
Although he started out on a crib mattress on the floor, by 2am he was in bed with us. He kicked and patted and smushed up against me. I was blanketless and cold and cramped from staying in one position too long.

But it was fun. The boys had breakfast together, we took Decky to school, we went to wallymart, we did chores. It was a fun morning. He’s my buddy.

After he went home, I took a killer walk before I picked up Decky from school. I ended up doing 5.3 miles total, and my legs are tired.
And I’m tired.

But I feel good. Tomorrow I work all day, so I’m heading to bed early – without the baby. I can’t wait.


The painters finished the stucco, and are working on the trim now. It’s looking good and I can’t wait until it’s done. Then they can work on the inside of the house!

Boys love drums

Koby hooked us up with a friend who had a drum set he never used. We bought it, Koby dissembled it, brought it down five flights of stairs, drove it to our house, brought it all upstairs, and reassembled it.

It’s beautiful and brand new.

The boys love it.

Decky, of course, is in love with it. He is the happiest boy on the planet right now. He will be dreaming of drumming, talking about it every waking moment.

And Koby loves it too. It’s his dream set – one that he has access to any time he wants it. He is very talented musically, and can really keep a good beat. He’s a natural.

But that brings us to Owen. Our twenty-six-month-old Owen.

The boy can drum.

He is not afraid, uses each drum and cymbal and cowbell (yes, it has a cowbell) appropriately.

And he makes the face. The face musicians make when they’re one with their instrument. When he sits on Koby’s lap and holds the sticks while Koby drums, his little face lights up. When he’s on his own, he stands so he can reach each drum, but plays ever-so-gently on the cowbell.

The boys are in heaven.

List of things we need in the Drum Room:
– towels
– deodorizer
– headphones or earplugs
– music stand
– water bottle.

If I let him, Decky will be up there drumming every waking minute. Unless Koby or Owen wants a turn.
God help us.

The up side

The fourth painter guy that came out today got the job. His bid was way low, he came with wonderful reliable references, and I’ve seen his work. Yay!
Now to call the other painter guys and tell them they didn’t get the job. Boo.

My iphone case arrived in the mail, along with all the prescriptions I had been waiting on.

Bill brought home ice cream treats.

I made a wonderful dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and green beans. The boys gobbled it up!

Ryan went to the doctor for his cough and chest pain and came home with antibiotics and an inhaler. So glad he consented to go and to take the meds.

Owen and Caitlyn came for lunch and Owen gave me many many big smooches and hugs. I’m so lucky!

Decky and I had our dental checkups and cleanings and got good reports.

Decky had a wonderful drum lesson in which he was taught a trick that involved twirling the sticks.

It was a very good but hectic day. I am looking forward to work tomorrow so I can get some ‘rest.’