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I’m not counting the days. That would be too hard.
I know it’s coming. I know it’s a natural and right thing to happen. I know it’s age- and developmentally-appropriate. I know I’ll still get to see them all the time.

But it’s gonna kill me.

I’ll get over it. But it will kill me.

I just keep thinking about the summer. The summer of O’Baby and Bubba. The swim lessons. The playgrounds, the zoo, the walks and bike rides.
This is what gets me through.

Summer can’t come soon enough.

Working for a livin’

I work all weekend. At the hospital.
Today, I watched O’Baby, cleaned the house, etc.
The day before I worked in the hospital.
The day before that I watched O’Baby.

There seems to be a pattern here.

But it’s a good pattern. This is what life will be like. Except, as of April 24th, I’ll be working less at the hospital and more with O’Baby. When The Princess and O’Baby move in with Koby March 15th, she will start working three days a week. I will be O’Baby’s day care. We are the best of friends. It will be great.

The summer will be wonderful. I will take O’Baby and Bubba to the pool for swim lessons. We will explore the creeks and parks in our area. We will go on field trips to the zoo and the farmstead. We will earn our keep and bust our humps working around the house. We will take naps and eat snacks.

It will be a wonderful summer with my boys. I just can’t wait.

The weak spring sunshine I’ve been feeling the past few days is a tickle of the joy I will get to feel in a few months. It’s what’s keeping me going while I plug my way through extra shifts at the ED.

Just keep swimmin’…

Sick house

I am still sick. Mostly nasal and head congestion, but I’m worn out. And I watched O’Baby all day. He’s fun and easy, but he can run a person ragged, that little kapusta.

And Hubby came home sick from work this morning. He’s been bellowing from the big bed all day. I want to kill him. Now the bedroom has that icky sick smell and I don’t want to go in there, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep in the guest room because I have to work tomorrow.


I’m just counting the minutes until I get to go to sleep. And I’m praying O’Baby doesn’t wake up, because I can’t send Hubby down there to wrap him up and tuck him back in again. But the baby should not wake up, because he only took a perfunctory nap for Gramma before he woke up with a diaperload of poop.

Long day for Gramma. Luckily tomorrow I only have to work eight hours. And it’s school night at Chick-Fil-A! Boy we love that place. We may enter Bubba in a shake-chugging contest. He’d totally win, and the ensuing burp would decimate the tri-state area. Cool beans.

An added note: tomorrow is the first spring training game for the Cubbies! Spring is just around the corner! w00t! w00t!


It’s been a long but enjoyable day.

I upped my running speed to 5.4 mph (from 5.2), and did 2.25 miles straight. That’s 25 minutes. Then I walked (4.0mph) for a quarter-mile, then ran again for the last quarter mile. It was tough and the first mile was especially hard to get through, but it was pretty easy after that. The walking interval really worked my quads, so I think I should do some more of that to balance out the hamstrings I work when I run.

After a shower, Bubba and I hit the bookstore (!), the Hen, and the new Bruegger’s bagel shop by the house. I forgot how heavenly a warm freshly baked bagel could be. Wonderful.

This afternoon, Bubba had his last basketball game of the season. Bro, The Princess and O’Baby joined Hubby and me watching the game. It was a lot of fun – that Bubba is amazing! He guards like cling-wrap and blocks like a brick wall. And he pours every ounce of energy into each play. It was a treat for all of us to see him play – O’Baby yelled and pointed when he saw Bubba, and was very hard to keep off the court. He wanted to play so badly!

At home, Hubby decided that we’d order Chinese for dinner. We hadn’t had it in so long, it was a real treat. Now we’re all camped out on couches, watching the Olympics and playing on our respective laptops. O’Baby’s in bed, the Dog Concussion Grenade has gone off, and the sleet/snow is tapping at the windows.

My belly is full, my legs kinda achy, and I’m sleepy. Good night.

Better work day

I worked today. The Princess said, “Didn’t you just get home?” After last weekend, I sure didn’t want to go, but I showed up. And guess what?! We were actually fully staffed! I was so happy to see a secretary AND a tech, as well as a full nursing staff. What a treat – it’s been so long my morale was in the dirt.
It wasn’t half as bad as Sunday was. But I was done before I even got there. I was a very good nurse, as usual, but boy am I glad to be home now. I don’t have to work again until next Wednesday!

Tomorrow, rest, running, O’Baby. Bubba has piano lesson, then his 2nd grade musical at school. It’s called ‘Nuts!” and he has to wear brown, so I guess he’s a nut. Should be fun – I love his school shows.

O’Baby can say some words now. He is a slow talker, but boy is that kid smart! He grabbed at the scissors on the table and said, “Scisisisisss.” He points at the moon and names it. He can say Bay-bay (baby). And he engages everyone in animated Chinese conversation while sitting at the table. Such a joy. What will I do without him around? I can’t think about that.

I got invited to a Cash for G0ld party. Have you ever heard of that? Too weird. I’m not going – I don’t have any gold stuff anyway.

I’m almost ready to order my new kitchen table. My problem lies in the chair selection. I want yellow leather, but they don’t make it and I can’t find it anywhere. So my other choices are brown leather, or oat microsuede. Oat will look better, but I had really had my heart set on leather. Oh well. It’ll still be pretty.

The bird was out of her cage tonight and decided to fly. She landed on the top windowsill in our family room – very high up. Hubby got the ladder and picked her up, but she flew to the next window. They repeated this twice, then we finally got her down. I put her in her cage quickly and gave her some millet. Think maybe it’s time to get her wings clipped? Hmmmm.

I have songs by They Might Be Giants stuck in my head. Thanks Bubba.