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Hair and Orange

Mom and Decky have the same hair.

And Baby Sorrow is orange. And ugly.
And his picture was posted previously.

Yeah, I’m just phoning it in. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.


Okay, I missed yesterday. I forgive myself.

Our Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry, which is located on the little island between the two driveways, brings me and my whole neighborhood joy every spring. It is a dramatic specimen, and no one else in the subdivision has one.

When we had one of these in Oswego, Ryan and Cait used to hide under it. Now Decky and my grandchildren will, too.


We got a new deck the end of last year, and the new stairs are wider and much more stable. Owen in particular is very fond of perching on the stairs and watching the golfers go by.