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My green smoothie. I drink one every day, but it has to be cold.

And also, a bonus picture, for two reasons: You deserve it, and he’s just so stinkin’ cute!

Here’s Owen lounging in the wagon on the way home from picking Decky up at school yesterday. Mamoo was busting her butt, hauling that dead weight up and down mondo hills, and Decky was running, and Cait was speed-walking, while our little prince was just cruising along for the ride. He did run the last block, though.


Note the shadows of Owen and Decky. It was about noon. It was hot. I was having a hot flash. I dragged that wagon 1.3 miles to the Arby’s and sweated my way through lunch. After that, we took the long way home via the bike trail, and Decky walked the entire length of the creek. In the creek.