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So The Princess and O’Baby moved out today.

Bubba and I watched O’Baby all day while The Princess and Koby and Daniel and Bro moved all their stuff out. We went to the kids’ museum and ran around and played and ended up getting soaked at the water tables. Then we went out to lunch, where O’Baby ate chicken on a stick.

Nothing better than chicken on a stick!

We came home and attempted a nap while Bubba went to a friend’s house. Then we watched everybody come in and out, carrying furniture and boxes and bags.

O’Baby only cried a little bit once – when a certain song came on the CD player that reminded him of Mom. But he was fine immediately. He was so unsettled all day, but mostly happy and goofy. He is a wonderful boy and we are very good friends, he and I.

There’s still a bunch of their stuff around the house. It’ll take a while for it all to be moved out. But the house is less in a state of flux now. When it was so messy and disorganized, it kind of played with everyone’s psyche. The disorder caused anxiety in every one of us.

Now, when I get a chance, I will clear all the clutter and restore order. The house will look calm and peaceful, so our minds will be too.

Yes, I miss them already, but it was time. Now we will be like most families. The kids will bring the grandkids over, or we will visit them. That’s okay. We were lucky to have them here with us for almost two years. We were so fortunate to see O’Baby grow from a sprout, and his mother mature into, well, a mother.

I know how lucky we were. Now it’s just Hubby and me and Bubba and the dogs. A compact family unit. We will relearn our interactions, discover new sides to each other, and explore different areas of our relationships. I look forward to devoting time to only Bubba. He’s a great kid and we’re lucky to have him.

Just us three. The house is quiet.

Until Bro moves back in April.


I’m not counting the days. That would be too hard.
I know it’s coming. I know it’s a natural and right thing to happen. I know it’s age- and developmentally-appropriate. I know I’ll still get to see them all the time.

But it’s gonna kill me.

I’ll get over it. But it will kill me.

I just keep thinking about the summer. The summer of O’Baby and Bubba. The swim lessons. The playgrounds, the zoo, the walks and bike rides.
This is what gets me through.

Summer can’t come soon enough.


It’s been a long but enjoyable day.

I upped my running speed to 5.4 mph (from 5.2), and did 2.25 miles straight. That’s 25 minutes. Then I walked (4.0mph) for a quarter-mile, then ran again for the last quarter mile. It was tough and the first mile was especially hard to get through, but it was pretty easy after that. The walking interval really worked my quads, so I think I should do some more of that to balance out the hamstrings I work when I run.

After a shower, Bubba and I hit the bookstore (!), the Hen, and the new Bruegger’s bagel shop by the house. I forgot how heavenly a warm freshly baked bagel could be. Wonderful.

This afternoon, Bubba had his last basketball game of the season. Bro, The Princess and O’Baby joined Hubby and me watching the game. It was a lot of fun – that Bubba is amazing! He guards like cling-wrap and blocks like a brick wall. And he pours every ounce of energy into each play. It was a treat for all of us to see him play – O’Baby yelled and pointed when he saw Bubba, and was very hard to keep off the court. He wanted to play so badly!

At home, Hubby decided that we’d order Chinese for dinner. We hadn’t had it in so long, it was a real treat. Now we’re all camped out on couches, watching the Olympics and playing on our respective laptops. O’Baby’s in bed, the Dog Concussion Grenade has gone off, and the sleet/snow is tapping at the windows.

My belly is full, my legs kinda achy, and I’m sleepy. Good night.

The sweater as metaphor

I think my new sweater is purple. The Princess thinks it’s navy blue.
And that pretty much sums up our whole relationship.

We differ, we have strong opinions, but we really think very much along the same lines. And although we argue, our views are very similar. Our differences don’t really matter much at all, but sometimes they get in the way just because they are differences.

Anyway, that’s my take on things.


Today is my nephew Jack’s fifth birthday! We must celebrate all day. We will make paper hats, and blow on horns, and put on large shoes and march around the house. And we will have a cake in his honor! For today is a glorious day! It’s Jack’s birthday and the world is happy!

Happy birthday wonderful boy!!!


The Princess turned 22 today;

When she was born, Hubby and I were newly married. We lived in nice two-bedroom apartment on the North side of Chicago. We had Blondie, who was 4 1/2 years old. I quit my job to stay home with the kids and Hubby made $22,500/year. We thought we had it made.

We were poor (relatively). We were happy. Hubby travelled a total of two-and-a-half hours a day to and from work. On Friday nights, I would have the laundry all packed up for him, and he’d spend a few hours at the laundromat. When he came home, I’d do all his ironing.

For a while, I didn’t have a car. If I wanted to go to the store or anywhere, I’d put The Princess in the snugli and Blondie in the stroller. We couldn’t get too many groceries or Blondie would tip over. Sometimes, I’d put both girls in the stroller, go to the park and hit tennis balls against the fieldhouse wall for exercise while Blondie ran around. When Bro came around, I’d have a baby in the snugli and two in the stroller. Never stopped me.

Hubby and I were too young and ignorant to realize that things were tough. It never occurred to us that what we were doing was hard.

We were in love and we were so happy with the kids and our little family life.

Now The Princess is on the cusp of her new life. We gave her everything she ever wanted, materially, since we knew how hard it was to do without. We wonder in retrospect if she would have been better off if we had given her less and made her work harder.

I guess the point is moot now. When she moves out, she will be poor. She will do without. Will she notice? Will she be unhappy? Will she rise to challenge, like Blondie has?

I’d like to think that although she is accustomed to the finer things in life, she has a good enough head on her shoulders to be able to see that the trade-off will be worth it. She may do without, but she will know that what she has is hers, and what she does is what she decides, and no matter what, she will always have love.

And she will always have a safety net. Just in case. As will all our other children.

Starting out from nothing has made Hubby and me so grateful for what we have earned and achieved. I can only hope that someday my children will feel the same way.

Happy birthday, Princess. With heartfelt wishes for the life you want to have. We love you.