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Time out!

So last week I worked three days (that’s full time for me). And I already worked Sunday and today this week. Tomorrow and the next day – PALS class downtown.

All day at work, I kept skirting closer to the idea of calling in sick for the class. As each hour passed, I grew more certain that I would blow it off, even though that’s not a courteous thing to do at the last minute.

Finally at the end of today’s shift, I put in a page (unanswered) and an email to the instructor expressing my sincere regret and hope for a reschedule of the class. I blamed the flu.

On the way home, I called The Princess. I told her that I wouldn’t be going to the class, I would be spending the next two days with her.

She said, “I am so glad! I was going to miss you so much if you went to the class, then left for Chicago the next day!”

The guilt was gone. Now I know why I did it.

All we could have hoped for

Blondie’s visit was THE BEST EVER!!!

Mostly, it was a huge shot in the arm for The Princess. She totally needed her sister. And they both had a great time.

They shopped for pretty dresses, accessories and shoes on Thursday. Friday they went out to breakfast, then they attended the wedding reception of Blondie’s old friend. They looked beautiful and danced and had fun. Then they went over to Bro’s house for a party.

On Saturday, they went bowling in sweats and jeans with no makeup on, then went to a local bar. They both got hit on by many boys, and each gave away her number once. They had so much fun.

Blondie showed The Princess how to have fun and relax. She gave her sound advice and lots of love. She cuddled with O’Baby, who wrapped her around his baby finger.

It was a joy to have her here. It was so hard to send her back home. We’re totally gonna need another dose of Blondie soon.