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The joy of reading

Yesterday was a red-letter day in Bubba’s sweet life.
It was the day that the new Wimpy Kid book came out! Since I was working, The Princess was kind enough to take Bubba to the local B0rder$ store. There, he got the new book, a cool t-shirt, and participated in the book party! He got lots of tattoos for giving the correct answers to Wimpy Kid trivia questions, and got to eat brownies and drink hot chocolate. And of course, he was half-way through the book by the time I got home!

Today, he wore his Wimpy Kid t-shirt to school, and made me put a tattoo on his forearm. And he brought the book to school to read during downtime.

It just warms my heart, seeing him so excited to read! I only wish there were more books or authors he got that excited about. It’ll be a while before another new Wimpy Kid book comes out. We’ll find something, I’m sure.

I love to read, as you know. The bookstore is my favorite place to go and hang out when I get a little me time. So, although the K1ndle is now only (!) $259, I think I will stick to the real thing. My mom just gave me a whole shopping bag full of books she’s read, so I’m set for a while. I think I’ll make a list of the books I really want to read, since there are so many coming out lately. If I walk into a bookstore without a list, I will just buy whatever book has the catchiest blurb or the most creative illustration on the cover. I am a sucker for a cool bookcover.

And since the holidays are coming up, I have already warned Hubby that I will be buying many many magazines. They all have such cool craft ideas (as if I ever make anything), and wonderful recipes to try. I am unfortunately also a sucker for a holiday magazine.

Bookstore gift certificates: the best gift idea ever.

A 99% Deck-Free Post

Yesterday, I had to watch O’Baby from 3pm until his mom got home from an all-day concert festival. It was fun. It was exhausting. He’s so sweet and strong and smart! We had a great time.

We picked Bubba up from school – that meant he (O’Baby) ran around the school with me chasing him for a while.
Then we went to the pet store to hang out. I held O’Baby’s heavy baby body in my arms the whole time. He fell in love with the big birds, the puppies, and especially the kitten, who rubbed his soft body against O’Baby’s outstretched hand!
We came home and got the mail – that meant he ran around outside with me chasing him in a light rain.
Then Hubby came home and made raviolis, which O’Baby loved.
After O’Baby had two – count ’em – two! poops!, Hubby gave him a bathy in the big tub. I dried him off (O’Baby, not Hubby), then applied the three different lotions as instructed by his mother.
Then I put our little guy to bed. He cried for no more than ten minutes, then fell into a sound sleep.

This experience showed me that I couldn’t possibly handle a baby of my own at my age. But I am able to enjoy extended fun times with my grandbaby. Oh, how I love that boy.

PS I’m sanding the deck railings today. Staining the deck tomorrow if I don’t have to work.