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So who have I seen at work?

I saw a person who had a broken wrist and ankle and lots of road rash.
I saw a person who kicked out the windshield and crawled out of his/her burning dump truck after the truck bed snagged on a line above, flipping the truck over.
I saw a little one who knocked out a few of his/her teeth falling off a stool.
I saw a man not much older than I am whose life, along with his wife’s, changed completely when he had a stroke a few months ago.
I saw a lot of old people who were dizzy and weak, who wanted us to cure their oldness.
I saw a drunk belligerent person who no one wanted to take home.
I saw a few drug seekers, one of whom was the child of an acquaintance.
I saw a person who may have broken a rib goofing around with his/her new spouse.
I saw a person with his/her ear shredded by a falling branch.
I saw a couple of 90-somethings who were healthier and more active than most people I know.
I saw a kid who was gorped out of his/her mind on psych drugs and his/her parent, who when asked what his/her medical issues were, stated “He/She’s gifted.”
I saw old people who just wanted more pain meds.
I saw young people who just wanted more pain meds.
I saw a person who kept going to the bathroom or going outside every few minutes, only to return to his/her room happy and energetic.
I saw many people with chest pain.
I saw more with belly pain.
I saw even more people with back pain. See ‘people who want pain meds’ above.
I saw a person who put pot in his/her nebulizer.
I saw a person in four-point restraints, who had just suffered a psychotic break.
I saw a person who brought something he coughed up in an envelope to show me.

I’ve seen so much more than this. I have a fascinating, exhausting, stimulating, frustrating job. I learn something new every single shift. And I love it.
PS Identities and circumstances have been changed to protect confidentiality.

News of the day

Thought I’d update since it’s been a while. And so much has been going on!

I am on my seventh week of methotrexate. I don’t feel anything but mild nausea, maybe a little inattention and spaciness, but that’s it. It’s no big deal. The iritis and scleritis are gone. The CT of my orbits and sinuses was negative, so there is really no reason for my behind-the-eye pain and headache. So I will just forget about them and carry on. I see my eye doctor and the orbit doctor next week, so maybe we can figure out why my left eye stays swollen.

Koby and Caitlyn are engaged and plan to marry toward the end of June. Her ring is beautiful and they are both so happy planning their honeymoon. We’re just psyched we get to have Owen while they’re gone!

Stefanie’s shower is this weekend. We have been planning and working on this for a while and it’s finally almost here – we’re so excited! Stefanie is gonna pass away when she sees what we have planned. I can’t wait!

Bill has figured out how to make separate playlists for his ipod so he can rotate content periodically, so he’s really happy. He’s working on this project for hours each day. I’m not so happy about this. He’s also in the best shape since he was a young man. He’s feeling great and I’m happy for him.

Ryan had the hardware in his leg removed and is now just about fully recovered. It was rough on him, but he got through it. I’m just glad it’s over and we don’t have to think about it anymore. He stays busy with work and friends and Michela. He seems happy but tired. I think he’s looking for a change.

Decky is busy drumming and playing tennis. He’s not been sleeping very well lately and I think it’s due to stress at school. He really doesn’t like it. They’re considering him for the gifted program, but the evaluation takes a few months. If he gets in, he’ll get out of his classroom for a while each day. I’m crossing my fingers. His second grade teacher is a fierce advocate for him. She’s a blessing to us.

Work is work. I gave my presentation to the nurse practice council last month, and now it looks like more people want me to give the talk to their departments. I don’t think I’ll be doing that until I get part-time status back. Why do all the extra work when I don’t get any credit toward the clinical ladder for it?

And I’ll be getting the veins on my left leg taken care of soon. I thought I would never bother with them again, but my brother has inspired me to do it. I have another thirty or so years left on these legs so I guess I better do the maintenance. I don’t want major problems down the road.

I haven’t been exercising lately because my eye pressure has been elevated. I’m hoping that gradual weaning off the steroid drops will resolve that issue, and I’ll be able to get back on the treadmill (or out on the trails) soon.

Cait and I leave for Chicago Friday, so we’re hustling to get everything done and settled before we leave. It’s stressful, but we’re going to have so much fun!

Crazy times

First, an update on my eye and the drugs.

I took my second dose of the methotrexate Sunday, and it wasn’t bad at all. I took it at 1:30pm while at work, which probably wasn’t the best idea. I got tired at about 3pm, and felt slow. Next time I have to take it while I’m working, I’ll just wait until I go home. Otherwise, I felt fine, and the fatigue didn’t hang around very long at all. The next day, I was functioning at 100%. I credit a very good, healthy, sensible diet, and an attitude of self-caring.

The eye seems to be getting better. It’s still a little achy and cloudy at times, but doc says it’s improving. My eyelid has started to spasm off and on throughout the day, but I figure it’s just inflammation and irritation, and doc agrees. He says the methotrexate should start making things better in a week or two. I can’t wait.

I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to spend one or two hours each Wednesday waiting to see the eye doctor. He’s totally worth it, but still…

Now the crazy update:

Bill is out of town in Miami for a business/dog track field trip. I am full of envy and resentment, but I’ll get over it. I kinda like having the house to myself. I clean it and it stays clean. Mostly. And while I have to chauffeur Decky to his basketball, tennis, drums, etc myself, I also get to eat out if I want to.

Bill gets home late Saturday. Ryan is scheduled for his surgery Monday at 5:30am, and will stay overnight. I will pick him up Tuesday morning, drop him off at home, and possibly go out to lunch to celebrate a girlfriend’s 40th birthday. It’s morphed from a simple local lunch and gift certificate to lunch at the Plaza, a makeover at the MAC store and a gift certificate, and I obviously can’t commit that kind of time. Caitlyn is happy to ‘babysit’ her brother, and would take very good care of him, but I may just keep the lunch appearance to a cameo. We’ll see how Ryan feels.

The next day, I have to give a presentation on lateral violence among nurses at a system-wide nurse practice conference. It will be nearby, so I won’t worry about leaving Ryan too long, but they just asked me to fill forty minutes instead of the original five to ten. Yipes. I feel like I was roped into this under false pretenses: they originally just asked me to ‘give my talk’. Then they asked me for a whole bunch of other stuff, under a short deadline, so they could give continuing education credit for it. Now they ask for a big long lecture. If they expect it to be interesting and exciting, I am in trouble.

There’s a lot on my plate. I guess it’s back to taking things one day – or one hour – at a time, at least for a little while. Yeesh.

Hard and easy

Yesterday and today were like black and white, day and night.

Yesterday: I worked over twelve hours. We were short a nurse all day. We had the slowest doctor in the world. We got slammed. We had a patient crash just before the end of the shift. I came home exhausted, dirty, emotionally drained, and badly in need of a shower. Home was like heaven to me.

Today: I made Decky breakfast and got him off to school. I went to walmart. Owen came over. We vacuumed and played and had snacks. We made his lunch and put it in his lunchbox. We ate lunch out of the lunchbox, just like Decky does. Then we changed into workout clothes and went to gym class. Owen ran and jumped and climbed and swung and crawled and balanced. We took a nap. Cait picked up Owen, Ryan went to work, I picked Decky up from school. I cleaned the birdcage, finished vacuuming, made dinner. Took Decky to and from a great drum lesson. Had a nice dinner with Bill and Decky. They went out for DQ. We are now just relaxing.

Night and day, Yesterday was so hard. Today was so easy. Now I don’t have to work until Tuesday, and only for a short shift. I’m going to start getting my holiday stuff done during my time off: shopping, cleaning, baking, decorating.

It’ll be easy.


The other day I was tired. Today I am old. Got our collective butt kicked at work today, and tomorrow looks like it will be more of the same.

Owen arrives here in the morning at 6:45am. I’m hoping for some snuggle time in the big bed before we have to wake Decky. Owen will be over until 11am, then I have to go to work from 12noon to 9pm. Where I will get my butt handed to me once again.
My only consolation is that it’s just a nine-hour shift as opposed to my usual twelve.

We’ve been so shorthanded and crazy-busy at work lately. I don’t know what’s going on, but we’ve seen a drastic increase in our census every single day. And each shift is short-staffed due to call-ins or just lack of available nurses. It’s not a good situation for anybody.

So my legs feels swollen and sore from running for twelve hours today. My mind is porous and unable to form substantive thought. My emotions are running right along the edge of despair. And my psyche is friable and fragile.

And I get to do it all again tomorrow. Lucky me.